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I'm an aspiring author from the U.S. that loves doing what she does. I'm 16 years old and
I hope to publish my own novels, novellas, and manga one day. I'm mostly on here to receive feedback on how well I'm doing in my writing journey! :)

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If things are looking bleak, just know that it won't always be this way.
Things are going to get better for you, trust me. :)
Continue to write, love others, and BE a blessing to others because we all need it right now.
I'll keep you in my prayers.
God bless you and have a good day. :>

I believe all people are created equal and are irrevocably loved by God with a perfect love called 'AGAPE' which means he gives up things for us and continues to love us, although we don't always do the same. So please, be respectful of others' beliefs, cultures, and ethnicity in the chat/comments and in real life because we are all loved for and cared for by the same Agape. With love ~ Ashley

A New House (Edited)

October 30, 2020


   The new house was wonderful when I got it in the year 1999.

It had long hallways the length of my old 4 house neighborhood and the extravagant staircase was also a given. The house was bare and all the rooms were painted a beautiful red wine color.

Even in its’ simplicity, everything seemed like it would be way beyond that of a middle-class twenty-three-year-old still trying to pay off student loans. But I wanted the house and I wasn’t going to take “no” from anyone. So, when I approached the retailing company about it I had my international lawyer on speed dial. However, when I got there, the building was closed for the holidays and I was forced to go back home to my one-room apartment.

Considering I was a young guy just trying to make a new life in the UK with no friends or relatives there, I decided to save money by leaving out unneeded furniture. Maybe I should go back to the states, I debated that night on my blow-up mattress, Mom and Dad might let me come back. I had started losing sleep over whether I had made the right decision when I had finally had enough of my behavior. I slapped on some pants, shaved my growing stubble, and practically ran down the stairs with every intention of going back to the retailing agency when I overheard a woman on her phone. “Terry, you know that house is a hazard why would you do such a thing?” I stopped on the apartment stairway just out of her eyesight. I remember being embarrassed with myself for doing it for a few weeks afterward.
The person on the other end of the phone that I presumed was Terry, answered: “I don’t know, I- something compelled me to buy the house and I did! You don’t understand Felicity, this, this is my dream home were-” The woman cut him off short with a very short response: “You’re right, I don’t.” Then everything was silent for a while before she hung up. “You can come out now, you nasty bloke.” I froze, she didn’t mean me, did she? I thought. “Yeah, I’m talking to you, eavesdropper.” She responded.

  I was silent for a while before finally descending a few steps and sticking my head down the stairs. Her face was in one of the ugliest scowls a guy could find on a woman: Her pink lips were twisted and contorted, her hazel eyes were squinted yet bulging out and her black eyebrows were pushing down on her lower face. Although she looked scary at the time, thinking back she was really attractive. After our initial meeting, it turned out that Terry guy couldn't pay off the house he had bought and she broke up with him because he also used some of her money without her consent. So that's how I ended up here. The retailing company had been trying to sell the house I wanted for ten straight years before I turned up. I didn’t know it yet, but that woman would turn out to be my wife in my 30’s. By a twist of fate or coincidence, I still don’t know. If anything I would probably guess it a curse now- the woman left me at the altar during the 3rd renewal of our vows. She told me I was coddling her too much but I didn’t listen. Although she was a pain to deal with in certain aspects and a nag, she was the only person I had here. I- excuse me a minute I think I need to lie down I-

You stop your tape recorder to help him rise up from his seat. You could hear his bones knocking together as he shook- trying to gain balance on his Sepia cane. “I-I’m sorry I-” 
 “No, it’s fine Mr. Green.” You try to comfort him to the best of your ability, but the old man was visibly upset and you didn’t know if you wanted to continue the interview. “Do you-” 
Mr. Green put his hand up to silence you. After he was adjusted to his love seat, he sat silently as he wiped his foggy glasses on his shirt. You shifted uncomfortably across from him in your side chair and remained silent. After about 15 minutes, he cleared his throat to continue “I- I’m sorry, I can’t talk about Felicity right now, I-” You nodded your head in understanding “That’s’ ok, Mr. Green I understand.” Mr. Green gave a small smile but he looked anything but happy to you. Good.    
You turned the tape recorder back on ready to record.
You sat expectantly. Mr. Green's mouth had been opened and frozen into an 'O' shape, he had stopped mid-sentence and his eyes were now focused upon his red-wine bleached ceiling.

The time it took to finish the visit to the old woman on Carmina road didn't take half as long as this one. You had seen this time and time again with each elder you visited: There was always a senior moment. You began to stamp your feet on the man's royal blue carpeting, irritated. You were craving something, your stomach was twisting its self into a self-destructing knot ready to come loose at any given time and this man just wouldn't




  As Mr. Green's face grew grave, you decided to cover your own with your left hand. Your body trembled under the tension and pressure that seemed to be leaning in from all sides.

"Mr. Green?" It looked to you like he had just come to terms with something. He didn’t respond to you either. “ Are you ok?” The gentle skin of the chair started to fill your fingernails as you dug into them. You could feel yourself about to explode into a million ravenous pieces right in front of him. No, not yet. 

After about five minutes he turned to look at you and he told it right on his face.

“After living in this  house alone for thirteen years, I’ve come to a startling realization.” His eyes were trained on the floor as he peered at your shoes through the corner of your eye. “In this time, I have-” He paused for a second, he was visibly trembling, unable to tell if he wanted to utter his next words.
“Come on Mr. Green, what is it?” You  growled, “Take your time, you don’t have to rush.”
Mr.Green was gyrating then, his pale green eyes darted from corner to corner. He made a slight squeaking noise similar to that of a mouse and then he answered:

“ I have closed far more doors than I have opened in this house and to be frank my dear, I don't remember ever letting you in my house."


Your slender gooey covered fingernail tapped the tape recorder as you close the door behind you.
A car sat parked in the driveway, leaves and branches swallowed the top of it, while vines wrapped around tires. The earth had its’ wheels halfway into its’ mouth. As you passed you caught a glimpse of your reflection: two braided pigtails looped around your head, little black freckles were splattered over your face.

You wiped  the black goo from your mouth as you crossed the street to the next house trying your best to hide the evidence from passing cars and neighbors.

 But you were covered in it.

You grinned.

Mr. Green had been your best victim yet.



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  • Emi (Revival Year #NEWYEAR)

    Wow, this is kinda creepy...I'm still reeling from what's going on. It started so innocently and then ended almost sinisterly.

    6 days ago