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my colombian mother

October 29, 2020


 be wary of walking into her room when she's watching betty la fea or la dinastía; she'll shush you so intensely that you'll be blown to the other end of the Earthwhen you lose something, you get a silver tongue lashing the size of panama, in Spanish - mind you. refrain from getting anything less than an eighty on a math test or she'll ask jesús to give her paciencia - patience with her children, specifically. she'll quiz you on the conjugation of the 20,000 different verbs Spanish has to offer, and in the past tense, too. she clucks her tongue when you can't get the accent just right.
"you sound like boston people." she says. "not very pretty in a lady."

you take it all to heart, because no one gets past la madré without her long manicured finger pointing out some sort of injustice. 


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  • JustAnotherDarling

    my mom used to be an elementary teacher, so she's the one who taught me how to read and whatnot....so i sorta get the "teaching aspect" of this (though my mom definitely can Not teach me anymore so whoops)
    anyways, i really admire the fact that you're so close with your native language...i wish i was ;(
    also, hi! it's been a while.... how are you? :)

    6 months ago
  • mirkat

    wow, i can just picture your mom! and i have to say this is relatable to me. my mom isn't colombian, but my mom's mom was argentinian and i guess my mom is too. she doesn't quiz me on conjugations, but when i don't get an accent right.... yeah. and the last paragraph is so powerful. besos.

    6 months ago