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Heyo! I’m Lauren, a high school sophomore who loves reading too many fantasy novel series, listening to music, and eating a probably unhealthy amount of ice cream.

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People I've Never Met

October 29, 2020

She's the kind of person who shops at pharmacies just to spend a little more money on herself because she's already spent her paycheck on a new toaster that's still sitting in the box and on eyeshadow palettes she'll never use, and then she comes back home loaded with plastic bags from which she pulls out tubs and tubs of wrinkle creams and then she slathers her face in gunk just to feel a little younger. 

He's that sort of person who walks lovestruck under a specific bedroom window while holding red plastic roses, because those are reusable and will never wilt, unlike a specific girl's love for him.

She's the kind of person who bosses everyone around at the school orchestra rehearsal, and even though she's only ever good at violin, she thinks she knows when the piccolo is out of tune or when the percussion boy's tympani has lost its auditory luster, but everyone else knows she really doesn't. 

He's the sort of person who loves playing useless pranks on innocent souls, like dumping potting soil on the floor like the living room's become a construction site, complete with a rusty shovel and neon cones, except no one gets his jokes and no one appreciates his tomfoolery. 

I kind of cheated on this prompt - these aren't characters from a story or anything, but I had fun creating them in my mind's eye. 


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  • barelybear

    Haha I really love the second one :)
    - I would write a more eloquent comment but really I can’t I just love it too much :p

    6 months ago
  • Tula.S

    this is spectacular. you capture the essence of each of their personalities through vivid scenes that clearly represent something much more than what they are. the word choice is lovely and the long, continuous sentences really give the reader a sense of desperation.

    7 months ago