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​The NHS Calls And Asks How I’m Holding Up

October 29, 2020


My hair has started falling out which in general I find quite funny but maybe that’s just because Beth laughed at me last year when the same thing happened back then when I was on that medication which completely dried out my whole body to a crisp like an old apple core all peely and brown a bit like how my brain feels I guess, that’s funny in a way, although not really, Mum would disagree I suppose, and I really do miss her a lot, Mum, and her playing piano and her not spelling broccoli right ever, on any shopping list, and her buying herself flowers and her dancing and hugging me but anyway as I was saying my hair has started falling out and when I’m in the shower it clogs up all the drains so the man in a hazmat suit has to fix it, rather scary at 2 in the morning but hey ho, that’s uni life really, and even when I’m not in the shower It comes out all over my pillows and coats them like a weird toupee and I’m a bit worried that when Ollie comes to stay the night it will stick to his head and give him a blonde mullet, something that he would probably find hilarious so I guess it’s not really a problem, but one real problem is the fridge breaking too, and we can’t keep any fresh food in it or we’ll poison ourselves like Jonestown all over again except involuntary and less cult-y, well it already all feels slightly cult-y because we’re stuck indoors and we’ll be crucified if we leave, with that awful woman downstairs who calls herself matron but we’re at bloody uni not a boarding school, and who screams at us if we so much as lay a finger on the banister after it’s been cleaned, I mean come on, what if I tripped down the stairs and ended up with a face full of concrete just because that witch had a meltdown over cleanliness, but either way the lack of fresh food is an issue as I’m really starting to miss leeks, celery, carrots, cheese, satsumas, bacon, milk, cherry tomatoes, chocolate mousse and most of all mushrooms, my favourite, fried in soy sauce, garlic, chilli and honey, and can you imagine the health benefits of all of those, even the chocolate mousse, all suddenly disappearing, well maybe that’s the reason for my hair falling out, although I suspect it’s not, but a girl can dream and even lie to herself now and again if she’s feeling particularly decadent, which yes I reckon I am at the moment, feeling decadent and in the mood for a bit of what they call self-care, and Beth is coming on Monday to shout at me from the patio as I wave from my neighbour’s balcony, a little Romeo and Juliet moment perhaps, love but make it sad, just two girls missing each other and one of them is laughing and the other one’s hair is falling out.
inspired by last year's winner of the national poetry competition. love a bit of stream of consciousness. 


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  • Paisley Blue

    woah, absolutely love this!!! i definitely like the stream of consciousness idea. :))

    4 months ago
  • sci-Fi

    Welcome to WtW! Mind if I review this?

    4 months ago