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November 11, 2020

the indescribable reunion of two friends, or the love between them that can never quite be framed. the way your heart sings when you see someone again, who you love dearly but have long missed. although the song of one's heart is cliché, retrouvailles cannot be described otherwise - the singing of a single note, beating in your blood, the feeling that was there all along. the longing, missing, breaking for someone that is at last healed.

retrouvailles. as a french speaker, this word makes sense to me but is clumsy in english - clumsy, but somehow perfectly descriptive. sufficient. retrouvailles. a hug where a hug is breaking the law. a smile that takes over your whole face and swallows you up and smashes the metal mask you had fused, all in the exquisite missing. always of someone, never of something - the craving for their laugh and their puzzle-piece perfection.

if picked apart, if pored over, this word is not quite lost in translation -
not lost at all, perhaps simply indescribable in french and in english.
but it is my favourite french word, for the closest english translation i can give you -

the found-agains.
so i had to rewrite this because it was terrible


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  • sunny.v

    re: mwah nessie!! thank u too much for the words, haha, i appreciate it! so much love to u <3

    6 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Gahhh this was not in any way terrible before, but it definitely is even more amazing now.

    6 months ago
  • tas (yellowbrickrd)

    re: *sending virtual cheer*

    6 months ago
  • tas (yellowbrickrd)

    You know it's a lovely word when it takes a beautifully written paragraph to do it justice. Are you a French gal? I was today years old when I realised you name was lochnessie as in lockness monster. Before then I always said it in a funny french accent low-kon-sense. wow. good one. Anyway love this. it flows with such grace.

    6 months ago
  • anemoia (#words)

    ohhhhh my soul feels a little more complete knowing this word. reminds me of "lilo" from the dictionary of obscure sorrows. lovely piece. and you speak french?! idk why but i think that's cool. so you're bilingual? or do you have any other languages up your sleeve? (wow, that doesn't really make sense, does it?)

    6 months ago