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the colors of a broken life

October 29, 2020


i. red
she saw the color red in all its glory 
blinding her vision from images of soul-tearing hurt
she felt its ferocity shine in her soul
filling her with strength to face the demons that surrounded her

ii. orange
sunset orange skies struck her deeply
for she knew its beauty would soon be followed by the dark 
she felt the familiar twinge of sorrows
overtaking her as she lost herself in its depth

iii. yellow
the yellow pencil shook in her hand as she wrote her thoughts
her happiness and joy all confined to its sharp lead
she allowed herself a moment's freedom
letting the thoughts of light lead her away from the night

iv. green
the ivy green forest brought stability to her life
the entrance to it nothing more than a mere overgrown shrub
but as she ventured out further, she soon learned
even the brightest of colors could get her lost in the dark

v. blue
clear blue water tickled her feet
enticing her to embrace its serenity
she smiled at its peace, and felt tranquility surround her
but the sharks beyond still watched from afar

vi. purple
vibrant purple flowers danced in the meadows
awaiting her picking, for their demise soon followed
drowning them of life, she plucked one by one
the once blinding light extinguished forever

vii. gray
ashen gray smoke, burned after the fire
for the brutality of its heat
could not leave without a trace
she watched it fade, and with it her heart
for the beautiful gray world carried in it the colors of her heart



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