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October 28, 2020


Ben is the person who in a bad situation isn't the one to get everyone out but the one to make it tens times less horrible. He is always making everyone happy and laughing usually because deep down he doesn't know how else to comfort them. Ben is on the football team and is on of 'the guys' he isn't the guy all the girls dream of all day but he's okay with that. His best friend is Adrianna (kind of his only real friend) he feels lucky to have her (the other 'guys' don't have someone like Adrianna always there for them) and in being friends with Adrianna or Adri as Ben calls her he also hangs out with Adrianna's other best friend Elena.

Ben has dark blonde hair and is tall but not super tall he's about five foot eleven. he has green eyes and tan skin with freckles across his face though not too many. he is fit like almost all the boys in town. and life to him is great not a worry in the world. 

his schoolwork is average (he could do more but it's like he's waiting) he is on the football team and his at home life is normal. he has an older sister (who's in Harvard law school). and his parents own a hotel in some of the big cities in America, (like Vegas, New York among others) the hotels are for people with more money and are not easy to afford. 

why might you ask do rich people live in a town when poor people can also afford it i mean wouldn't they live in a place that only they can afford? well the upper side of the town with the north beach views and access to the north beach (it's a private beach) is really hard to pay for and you do have to be rich. However the lower side of town is along the south beach (not a private beach it isn't kept clean by people who get paid to clean it and doesn't have houses along it) the lower side on the other hand is really easy to afford and many people who can't afford to live elsewhere live here.
this is one of the character from a book i'm planning on writing. this is the character ben. i can never come up with good last names so if you know any and you don't mind me using them please comment some. also on adriannas one i forgot to add that she likes to control things to compensate for the things (like her at home life) that she can't control. also ben doesn't know about adrianna's situation. thank-you for reading this!


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  • Huba Huba

    Interesting! I love how you tell me you wrote about Ben and Elena comes up too. You're really productive!
    Time goes really fast when I'm on WtW, I always go on at night right before bed and then I look back up at the clock, and it turns out an hour already passes. Love this community so much.

    11 months ago
  • Rachaelgrace

    This is an awesome character! Glad you are on Write the World! :)

    11 months ago