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i wanted to say something beautiful, but I don't know your name


November 1, 2020


you rap on my sternum
the call        plop    plops
initial me pandora's box
lacquer peels with caress
kindle iron with
    a marching chest as
lilts tase my reed bones
cicatrix heals like second breath
you know i've always been

amber flags my heart's knob
treading in the smoke mill
your carnal swath casts
upon a gated threshold
ingress clasped in a
propellor blade
lids long    throbs leading    limbs twist
incense pools under an open cork

lips scrubbing my skin
soil is always soil
in atom i am soiled
idle to be with midnight
dark is pen to the sun
i am fountain ; you are flame
& those mottles birth still requiems

shrapnels drown a misnomered urn
compost roses    &    cherry roots
lash your maw with sand salvos
of shrieking hourglass whose
sable fangs blow flame torrents
egress flayed in futile swells
for it        for                            me
of marble blood & diamond coats
in black
            in holes

thrusting latticed fingers
before filament's iris
adorning shadows with

a dumb         a still         a puppet
cursoring the lid's retreat
around the celadon jar

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