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October 28, 2020


I think that sometimes 
I forget
that people change
That the girl in my tutor
I first talked to
four years ago 
is different now. However slightly,
she has changed.

I pack them in boxes,
seal them up,
and put them aside, under tidy little labels.
And walk away. 

And I think sometimes 
I forget 
that change is okay.
And maybe it’s okay for me to change.
To want to stop being the quiet, smart, shy one at the back of the class, 
that being able to chat with more people
Doesn’t mean I have to be ‘popular’.
It certainly doesn’t mean I have to desert my friends.

So I unpack the boxes,
rip up the labels,
and walk away.


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1 Comment
  • Anlee

    this is so beautiful! love the imagery of ripping away the labels and boxes and classifications. you've got talent <33

    6 months ago