Hi fellow readers! I am just a young writer who aspires to improve my language skills. I hope you enjoy my work! :)

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I am well-versed in fictional stories and dedicate myself to publish my self-written short stories in my free time as a fun hobby. I usually write poems and short stories and they can vary from horror and thriller to adventure and romance.

I'm also planning to publish my diary for 2021 so look out for it :)


October 28, 2020


With scales as pure white as pearls,
The Merlion attracts all in the world
A lion head so ferocious,
Defending itself from comments that bear atrocity
A smooth stream of water pours from its mouth, 
Becoming an ideal place for photographs. 
Embraced by flora and fauna, 
It stands out with a special aura
Which adds on to the greenery, 
Making Singapore a surreal city. 
Hi, fellow readers! This is a poem I thought of after I visited the Meelion statue at Marina Bay, in Singapore. 


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