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He, who was Big and Bad

October 28, 2020


"He, who was big and bad"   On a rainy day in the forest, raindrops dripped away. There stood 3 houses, each with distinct tastes. One was made of straw, light and breezy While the second, Stood agile with sticks. However, the third showed no mercy To hunters and preys crossing by As it was tough, strong and rough It allowed no visitors that arrived. Inside them lived 3 little pigs, That matured with time, just like A bottle of fine wine. Along came a huff that disturbed their turf, getting louder and louder As time ticked away Knock knock, who's there? Oh, just your friend, the 2nd pig. Welcomed with open arms, She then realised her mistake. After some time away, The knocks came back once again, This time on the 2nd house. Knock knock, who's there? Hey, it's me, your good friend, the third pig. Slowly opening the door, She couldn't breathe once more. Many days passed, bringing some dust and rust The third pig was cleaning its floors, Before came the knock on the door. Heard their cries, Oh how scared she was Only to find out Her door was unlocked. In came the disturbing winds, Whoosing through the cracks The sound of stomping And harsh breath tickling From her hated nemesis Growls emerged as he approached, Leaving her no place to go Her screams were left unheard, With the whistling wind overheard "Hush, my dear. I'm so glad to see you" Said by none other than the Big Bad Wolf. 
I got the inspiration from watching one of my baby brother's children television shows, "The Three Little Pigs". Credits to James Halliwell-Phillipps, author of The Three Little Pigs. 


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  • a_smol_writer

    Thank you Anlee and 37_apollo for the praise! :)

    3 months ago
  • Anlee

    hello! welcome to the wtw community :) your writing has so much potential <33

    3 months ago
  • 37_apollo

    I really liked this, the theme and the mood play in really well to the story of the three little pigs (in my opinion), and all-in-all the descriptive writing was amazing and really draws the reader in to want more :)

    3 months ago