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Message to Readers

Here's a new version of this piece, as I made some edits to make it overall... better. I don't have some cool interesting word for it.
Again, I'm submitting this to Scholastic, and I want to make it reallyyyyyyyyy good and I'd really appreciate reviews on this! I'm typing this message real fast and the grammar is very off, as I do not think with right grammar.
In addition, please tell me if my piece is too abstract, it makes a lot of sense to me, but it may not make sense to someone who isn't me. I explained some parts of it in the footnotes, but please read the poem before reading the poems because the footnotes give too much of it away.

When Branta Canadensis Go South

October 29, 2020


When Branta Canadensis Goes South

The screen on my window blurs my view, but I see
the leaves go from an emerald to gold and vermillion. 
The air chills to make us put colorful wool over our heads,
so there’s no green apple of the red, 
and we’re a mass of emotions and flesh. 
Can you imagine an autobiography of everyone? 

When Branta Canadensis Goes South

Only when I lay still, in the leaves, and look up, 
I realize that clouds chatter together. 
Clouds are like herds of elephants, 
traveling with their families from place to place, 
and no one needs a home as long as they’re with each other. 
I’ve never seen the same cloud formation in one place. 

When Branta Canadensis Goes South

My crimson rose garden evanesces, 
and my tomatoes and squash pass away.
Life flows out of my garden, an endless flux, 
but the seeds I traded for a cow, 
metamorphose into a beanstalk reaching the sky, 
and I grieve my sacrifice for the cow. 

When Branta Canadensis Goes South

Summer, my love, why don’t I feel warm with you?
Our embraces bring me fatigue, 
while our conversations are so monotonous...
so I wonder who I am to you, 
and who you are to me. 
They say it’s time to let go. 


Yet my family still chatters,
egg tart aroma lingers in our kitchen, 
my sister still sings like the Gavia immer, 
the shower is always equipped with shampoo, 
gravity still pulls apples down on people’s heads, 
but everyone around me always raises me up. 

When Branta Canadensis Goes South, 
    I know they’ll come back. 

There's many ornithology references in this poem, and it's due to my studying. 
Branta Canadensis is a fancy shmancy scientific name for Canadian Geese. They fly towards the south when they hibernate, and I live in the North, so this is poem outlines the season change, and how it brings along many other changes with it, while mentioning that some things stay the same in spite of the season. 
Gavia immer is the common loon, birds with very interesting and unique calls. I'm not saying that my sister sings super well and professionally (she's only six actually, never taken lessons before, but somehow wounds up tunes in her head). I mean she sings in a unique way that may appear strange to the outside view. 
The poem also incorporates many of my random thoughts as I sit around or lay around, admiring the fall scenery, such as how clouds "travel." 
Oh no, my foot is going numb and I need to stomp on it without waking my family. I must go. 

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    Re: Definitely agree with that statement; Tolkien's world building skills are next-level! And I would love to be a Hobbit too, it just sounds so relaxing! XD

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    Here's a question:
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  • Stone of Jade

    oh wow the imagery in this is awesome!! We are seeing a lot of canadian geese and swans at the moment bc where I live is one of their destinations for migrating.

    11 months ago
  • acrosstheuniverse28

    Beautiful writing, and you were able to portray that feeling of change that comes with fall/winter so well! I personally like the abstractness (is that a word?) of this pieces; it kinda leaves things open for the reader to interpret, although it was helpful to know Branta Canadensis is a Canada goose. But seriously, beautiful writing and such a stunning piece!

    11 months ago
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    re: i agree! skz is so wholesome~ i could literally watch videos of them 124/7 and never get bored <3 they feed us lots of content :)

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