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“Anyone who thinks that sunshine is pure happiness has never danced in the rain.” - anonymous

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If my writing can make even just one person feel a little worthier, a little less alone, (or entertained) for even a few seconds, that’s enough for me.

I’m a glass

December 5, 2020


I’m a glass,
Nothing special,
Nothing spectacular,
But I’ve been shattered,
Over and over,
My pieces cut people,
I don’t mean them to,
It was an accident,
And I’ve been
Glued back together,
Some pieces missing,
I am not what I used to be,
I’m scarred,
I’m a glass,
And I’m broken.


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  • December 5, 2020 - 8:10pm (Now Viewing)

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  • BlueWolf (Semi Hiatus)

    I really like this. Are you going to expand? I like how clear and meaningful the message is. We can be broken together. I'm here if you want to talk. Sending hugs.

    8 months ago
  • Busssy.Beee

    re: oh dudeeeeeeeeeee. i, myself, haven't had anything like that happen to me, but i do get the sense of fake words and betrayal. like bro, can't they just like say nothing rather than spill lies?

    8 months ago
  • happygiggles (not as active anymore)

    re- I'm glad to hear that it did (:

    8 months ago
  • happygiggles (not as active anymore)

    I sincerely hope you're doing okay bud. Pain is temporary, stay alive. We're all a little chipped, but we're still useable, it'll all be okay (:

    Always here if you want to talk, just leave a comment on a piece of mine ((:

    8 months ago