Diana Cojocea


Christian Girl
Adores Nature
3rd Eldest of 12 kids (1 mother, 1 father)
Lover of Writing
Animal Lover

Message from Writer

Writing can take you deep,
Writing can take you far.
Writing can take you places,
Beyond the furthest star.

Just open up your imagination,
And write your thoughts down,
Any poem, any story ,
Just let your words abound.

-From me to you and know it's true!

Short of Breathe

October 27, 2020


Before I knew it, I was swallowed by the oceans mighty currents
and my determination to make it back alive decreased rapidly.
My energy and strength were no match to the crust of the ocean,
So I let it take me… but not consume me.
My shouts became mute in the wind and my distress increased as the coming waves devour me.
I should have never departed from the comforting shore.
I became apprehensive of being dragged further and further into the deep ocean’s midst.
The ocean claims me as top-secret possession as I fall short of breathe.


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  • October 27, 2020 - 7:21pm (Now Viewing)

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