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I'm A Freak. I Also Like To Swim And Capitalize The First Letter of Every Word Like This.

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I was bored in history class


April 28, 2015



As tears roll down my face, darkness becomes my veil.

My mind goes blank and agony fills my brain.

I close the door and look up to sky as I see that my life is a fail.

The only thought on my mind is pain.

My body grows heavy and my heart goes weak.

My vision becomes hazy as i can no longer live.

The future has darkened and all is bleak.

There's no more happiness to you I can give.

I walk away as my world crumbles around me.

I slowly lie down as a prepare myself for death.

I suddenly come to a revelation and I fill with glee.

I call out loudly to my mother Beth.

"There are pancakes in the fridge no more!

Please buy some more when you go to the store!"


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