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مراسم- Marasim: noun.

October 26, 2020

    My mother was born in a completely Pakistani family. She grew up bilingual, and to this day, when she’s talking to her family, she often forgets that I’m on the facetime call as well, and delves into long conversations in Urdu that I can’t translate. I’ve often tried to learn, but my teaching methods (downloading Duolingo and begging family members) have never panned out. So, after many years of trying and failing, all I know of the language are a few household words my mother raised me with: Aalo, nanga paon, baccha. Potato, bare foot, baby.
    But I have heard of one word that spoke to this prompt, and it’s actually a favorite of mine: Marasim. In the Urdu script it’s written مراسم. There’s no perfect way to translate it, but that’s what makes it beautiful.
    Marasim is like our word “ceremony”, but it’s more than that. It means family gathering and love through company. It means connections, relations, and impressions all mixed into one word, one feeling. It’s a word for the energy you feel in the room when your whole family is in one place.
    It’s a beautiful word, and it’s a shame English has no translation for it. 


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  • maryse

    Gorgeous! And I couldn't help but notice the 'Sizzy' reference in your Writer's Message... big fan!

    4 months ago
  • The Inky Writer

    Beautifully written! Coming from a bilingual house myself I really enjoyed reading your piece and I found it quite relatable. Thank you.

    6 months ago
  • xbareerax

    This is very cool. Especially being a pakistani. Honestly, I have never heard of the word and I am just going to grab an urdu dictionary and find it. It's a beautiful word, indeed. Also, if you have any difficultied in any urdu word, you can email me :)

    6 months ago
  • sunny.v

    marasim gosh dang that's a gorgeous word!! thank you for sharing!

    6 months ago
  • Figwit

    I'm learning a lot of cool languages on Duolingo. Mostly Welsh, but some Irish and Scottish Gaelic. Have I mentioned I'm in love with the UK? Lol
    Great work! I love this!

    6 months ago
  • mindfruit

    a very late congratulations to you!
    Re: I just finished Tower of Nero last week, so yay me! tbh though, I thought it could have been a lot better, especially since it was both the last book of the TOA series and the Percy Jackson series (plural). Not saying it was a bad book, I thought it was good, it just wasn't the best Riordan book I've read.

    6 months ago
  • Huba Huba


    6 months ago
  • barelybear

    This is so good and also
    Omg hamiltonnnnndnhdnshshd!! I love it so much, Lin is my bae <3

    6 months ago
  • astrea

    i can totally relate to you! both my parents are south-indian , but i only know hindi and english. i hate it when my family talks in malayalam and i cant understand anything

    6 months ago
  • tas (yellowbrickrd)

    This is really nice. Written in such a conversational manner. The ending where you explain what the word means just flows so well and sweeps you along.

    6 months ago
  • AccountA

    wow, this is so good!! I really love the line "it's a shame English has no translation for it" great job, you definitely deserve being picked! also can i add you to my bio for the dems?

    6 months ago
  • colorwheel

    Congratulations, this is beautiful. What a wonderful thing to have a word for.

    6 months ago
  • Tayyaba

    congrats girl plus i can better understand that being "Pakistani".

    6 months ago
  • anemoia (#words)

    Ahhh this is lovely. This prompt has given birth to so many wonderful pieces. Its a shame that English doesn’t have true equivalents for so many important words. Congrats on Wednesday Words! ;)

    6 months ago
  • mirkat

    I totally forgot to congrats of u lations you on Wednesday Words!!! So congrats of u lations! I love this piece and your delivery of it made it even more impactful! wonderful job! ALso.... first check lochnessie's bio, then mine. Apparently, we are the dem triplets! Hehe. Check lochnessie's last piece of writing and see in comments I just had to join. So let's keep hoping! B got Wisconsin and Michigan which is huge! <3<3<3

    6 months ago
  • Deleted User

    Aw, CONGRATS!! This is so awesome! Beautiful job :D

    6 months ago
  • A. Penderwick

    Congratulations! This piece is beautiful.
    Re: Which Shadowhunter books have you read? There are soooo many, it's kind of intimidating.
    Also, I see you mentioned Hamilton. I'm a huge theater nerd, and of course, am obsessed with Hamilton. Now, I don't think you're looking for recommendations for other albums to listen too, but I honestly can't stop myself. Hadestown is brilliant, and it reminds me of Hamilton in a lot of ways, but it has more of a Jazzy vibe. It's also about Greek myths, which is awesome, though it's a little dark. Six is another fun one that has more modern music, and is about the six wives of Henry the eighth(I think it's the eight, that might be wrong. It was one of the kings who had a lot of wives.)
    In no way do you have to follow up on these, but I figured I'd let you know. If you do check them out, I'd love to hear your thoughts. :)

    6 months ago
  • Tula.S

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! This is a fantastic piece! Your tone is beautiful and extremely relatable, like always. I felt so identified, sometimes in Spanish that happens to me where I wish the word existed in English or vice versa. Anyways, this is amazing!!

    6 months ago
  • Stone of Jade

    This is so beautiful and so meaningful! I am so so happy for you that this got featured! You portray such an emotion and personal touch to this piece--so stunning! *round of applause* Congrats on wednesday words!!

    6 months ago
  • lochnessie


    6 months ago
  • Writing4Life

    Congrats on getting featured! Niceeee :D Yeah I use Duolingo to learn French :P

    6 months ago
  • BlueWolf (Semi Hiatus)


    6 months ago
  • bookmagic

    Oh wow! This is so beautiful.

    6 months ago
  • midnight.summerrose

    CONGRATS!! :)

    6 months ago
  • FantasyOtter12

    Congrats!! Great reading too :) <33

    6 months ago
  • pyrrhic

    that's beautiful!! congrats!

    6 months ago
  • ~Zoe N~

    congrats on Wednesday words!!!!! <3

    6 months ago
  • mirkat

    yes, english needs some new words! wonderful writing and i love this new word you taught me! <3

    7 months ago