Diana Cojocea


Hope. My Little, Big Miracle

October 26, 2020


My mother was speechless. “You… you changed your number.”
“Yeah well, called to see how it went.” My father engorged, trying to get to the point. “I had some important business to attend to and couldn’t make it.”
My mother shook her head as he continued to blabber out excuses. Her eyes began tearing up at the obvious lies, but she controlled herself.
“We haven’t spoken for over five months.” She stated.
“Look, I’m sorry Abigail. I just had so much to do to. I still love you. Now, tell me the news.”
My mother felt like she was just slapped across the face, that somehow engraved into her heart… But she still held herself together.
“What news?” She asked, barely holding back her tears now. Sorrow swept across her as flashbacks arose concerning their three miscarraged children that never entered the world alive... and how he left her because of it. 
“You know what news, Abigail. Was it successful?” My mother paused and took a long look at me as I slept. I was just a baby. A living, healthy newborn. The relationship wasn't love.   
“No.” My mother whispered.
“What?” He asked, not making out what she said.
“No. No it wasn’t successful.” My mother lied. “I’m so sorry Charles.”

Charles sighed disappointedly and remained quiet for a moment. “Of course it wasn’t.”
“Goodbye Abigail.”
 And just like that… He hung up. My mother was hurt, yet relieved. She looked at me, crying and held me close.
“Only you’re my joy…” She cried bitterly. “Only you make me believe life is worthwhile. Your my hope.”
Her tears slowly stopped as she placed her finger in my hand.
“My big hope…
yet you’re so small and fragile…
Hope… That’s it… Hope Raymond. My little, big miracle.”

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1 Comment
  • Bhavya's Treasure

    That's so poignantly sweet! She made a very tough decision!
    And the way you wrote it from baby's point of view just intensified the emotions. I could imagine this unfolding in front of my eyes. Dialogues seemed quite natural and well crafted.
    Raymond is hope! <3

    3 months ago