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Does God Exist? Why Care?

By: Z

PROMPT: Open Prompt

A common controversial topic that everyone has heard before is the question of "Does God Exist?" This is a topic that sparks heated debates, whether they be about "God's" existence itself, or even which "God" is real. At my school, there are frequent "Lunch Table Battles" as I like to call them, where the bible and God are all called into question. The only interest this has sparked in me though is "Who cares?" 

From a young age, schools/our parents teach us to accept the differences between others and ourselves. We have accepted countless cultures and races into society despite their differences from your classic Americans. However, the one topic that is never accepted is someone’s religious faith. People preach to others about their religious faith and try to spread their faith to others around them no matter what faith or belief they have. They claim to be “saving us” while all they really do is attempt to force their ideals upon us. The same can be said vice versa however between religious people and atheists non-religious people. Atheists also choose to try to convince the religious that their ideas about creation are false. Both classes of people attempt to sway others into their beliefs. However, this is inconsistent to what we are taught. Are these people not refusing to accept someone else’s differences in beliefs and opinions? There must be a distinctive reason as to why people refuse to leave this topic be.

The reason religious arguments and fervor exists is because of one reason, fear. Every single person views the world in a different way. There is no possible way to have the same thoughts or thinking process as another person, and we ourselves cannot fathom such a concept. Subconsciously, we begin to consider ourselves special because of this simple fact. We are individuals who have our own personal thoughts, with no evidence that any person is like us. This owns sense of importance begins to enhance our fears. “What happens when we die?” many wonder fearfully. This fear is justified as we fear the unknown. Just as we do not know the “feeling” of being asleep, we cannot imagine the feeling of losing our consciousness. We fear the unknown. In order to overcome this fear we attempt to indulge ourselves and force ourselves to believe in something such as heaven and hell in order to explain what is unknown. When these beliefs come into question however, we begin to lash out. We refuse to believe that what we think is wrong, because it would lead us straight back to the question “what happens after we die?” If what we believed was not correct, then how can we be sure anything is correct; we come back into a state of fearing the unknown. In order to protect our own mental psyche, we must latch onto these beliefs.




Message to Readers

So this is my first piece. Some critique would be nice just to see how my structuring/arguments are. Also some comments on your take on my opinions in here would be nice as I would always like to keep possibly expanding this.

Peer Review

It's an argumentative essay about the existence of God, with the author not believing in any particular religion or God.

Your insightful comments, such as how we tend to accept differences for everything save religion and your statements regarding the human mind.

I'd really like you to put down why we fear the unknown. Since the idea has practically become a cliche at this point, citing a rational for this fear is a good idea.

Reviewer Comments

You might want to bring into the last paragraph the fact that people are afraid of endings: they don't want to believe that life ends. It goes against our survival instinct. Others rationalize their beliefs because life has been filled with so much struggle and pain, they should get a reward of some sort (afterlife). Still others recognize a god of some form because they believe there has to be more to life than just living. Including different viewpoints help strengthen your piece and ultimately the conclusion you come to.