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i have no idea what else to put here soooo..yeah.

The Other Son: Chapter 1 ( Some Weird Percy Jackson Type Continuation Thing That I Decided To Write Because..???)

October 25, 2020


Okay, okay..I'd better come clean. I wasn't actually arrested for the tsunami thing, or the piercing thing.
I punched some punk that tried to grope my girl. We were just chilling around Mike's Pastry, trying to get in through the bunches of people that were just spilling out of there. People go anal for their cannolis. I had to admit, I wasn't paying attention. Ana had shown me Candy Crush..and I was kinda hooked. 

"Hey, baby.." I heard it from my side, and looked just in time to see some grotty, skinny-ass teen wrap his Twizzler arms around my little girl's waist, without her consent. She was frozen. Totally frozen. Naturally, I had to step in and serve this guy a knuckle sandwich. Some lady with one 'a those Karen haircuts called the fuzz..I just got angrier.
Thus, the whole section of the city got a power wash. And I was shoved in a drenched cop car. 

Now I'm looking at my wife and daughter from behind a barrier. Ana looks..awful. I'm worried that she hasn't been eating. Vanessa is steely-eyed. Her olive skin burns red, and her brown eyes could bore holes through the glass if she tried hard enough. I try to focus on anything besides them, like the dimple on her round left cheek, or her perfectly coiffed black hair. 

But that doesn't work, 'cause she still swears at me in EspaƱol until she's gasping for air. Ana covers her face and starts crying - again. 

Well, at least I know what punto means. 

She finally switches over to English, and I'm drenched in the sound of her Brooklyn accent. She sends Ana away to go get some coffee, or juice, or something. She buries her face in her hands.

"Andre..you can't keep pretending that you're not..special." She murmurs. 

"Whaddya mean, special?" I feel the corners of my lips turn up. "I saved my girl from a guy who had his grubby hands on 'er. That isn't special, V."

"Andreus, please! You have a brother, and a..uh, stepmom, I guess. I contacted them. Ana and I are headed to Manhattan tomorrow to see them!" She slams her hands down on the tabletop and exhales. "..You're coming the day after."

"But we don't have enough to pay the bai-"
She cuts me off. "I got it all figured out." She slings her purse over her shoulder, stands, and smooths out the front of her suit. "Just be there - Tuesday Night. Smith and Wollensky's on 5th and Ginsburg." 



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  • anemoia by a thread

    SO CURIOUS NOW. Can you tell me what timeframe this is? Like is the story taking place just after the trials of apollo, or after HoO, or way in the future, or what? Also, can't wait to see what you do with the backstory on this one.

    7 months ago