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bianca's backpack

October 25, 2020

PROMPT: Inventory

bianca's backpack
  1. her video camera, in case she needs to capture something.
  2. her journal-- an old spiral-bound one with a cover that is barely intact-- and one pen, always buried in the bottom of her bag. she doesn't write things down; that's her friend's job.
  3. pads. self-explanatory.
  4. her aunt's old woven bracelet, which she has attached to the zipper pull and uses as a keychain.
  5. a flannel she stole from the school lost-and-found during december when she forgot her jacket and was freezing half to death during biology
  6. deodorant.
  7. chewing gum (always a fruity flavor. mint gum is disgusting.)
  8. her 21-year-old ID that is totally real because she's definitely not 17 years old
  9. an old crunched-up plastic water bottle that she forgot to throw away
  10. some old graphic buttons without the backs, so if she reaches into the front pocket the wrong way, she will accidentally, and every time without fail, impale herself with a small needle.


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1 Comment
  • Stone of Jade

    I love how yo perfectly capture the personality through the things in the backpack. Is Bianca a character of yours??

    3 months ago