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[ femme & actress & activist ]

(some of) the characters of my plays, described in one line.

October 24, 2020

the last sunrise of august 1973
kari: a bohemian soul who would rather die an explosive death than live a boring life.
julia: a codependent homebody who sees the appeal in a simple life without any unplanned escapades.

the burning room test (work in progress)
marcus: a scientist who measures his self-worth by his success on the development of his AI, victoria, to the point of neglecting his own daughter.
victoria: an AI with a mastery of imitation for human behavior, but with a fatal flaw: she has no compassion whatsoever.
katie: marcus's daughter, a preteen with a rapidly declining self-image that she attempts to repair by bonding with victoria, who she sees as a sister figure.

sammie doesn't play cards with us anymore (work in progress)
penelope: if pastel pink were a 14 year old girl, but with a touch of morbidity and a little more than a touch of withdrawal from the real world.
tanner: uses anger and a bitter exterior to cope with his regret and feelings of loss.
bridget: a gentle, sweet girl who struggles to believe that her life matters because of her death sentence: cystic fibrosis.
cj: a teen who turned to drugs and alcohol to escape the depression that has chained them to the ground.
aviva: the type of girl who often hears 'but you don't look mentally ill' all the time.

unfinished tattoos and the fine game of nil
desi: new, lost, incomplete, vulnerable (but skilled at hiding it).
alice: sees the world through kaleidoscope goggles, and fails to understand that not everyone sees the same rainbows.

letters for adelaide
cara: a curious young adult who enjoys learning about the past so she can avoid the present.
adelaide: a gentle painter grappling with her sapphic identity in a time that is less than welcoming.
donnie: a writer with big dreams and too small of a life to live them all out.

other characters that just kind of... exist in my brain
corinne: a 14-year-old telekinetic time traveler with knowing eyes, who lives life at the mercy of her emotions and out-of-control abilities.
amelia: a storyteller who writes with a male pen name solely for the taste of respect it gives her.
bianca: an impulse-driven young journalist who is too easily caught up in conspiracy theories.
margot: lives without regard for matching colors because she sees matching as a useless restriction of self-expression.


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  • mirkat

    this is so interesting and i love it! you write plays??!!!! cool! I've written some short screenplays, but nothing that long. my longest one is maybe 15 pages? yeah, i'm terrible at finishing my work. XD <3

    3 months ago