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to be a dancer in the sky | based on 'Pathway of Freedom' by Anne Blackwood

October 24, 2020


Charlie always said I would fly. Fly like a bird, a flock-less bird with no destination and no worries. Fly for the wind on my face and the world spread below. Fly like a crescendoing melody, dance with the shifting winds. That was how I would go. That was how I would fly. 

I wake to yelling, truely the worst sound to wake to. Faces stare down at me, rush around me. They make the world spin. Chaos. The hospital bed hugs me tightly, someone has made it around me, as if there was no one lying in it at all. I search the faces, the anxious, swirling faces until I find his eyes. Pale blue eyes, the colour of spring morning skies. Charlie. He smiles. It is a wide, soaring smile, a smile that pulls me into his eyes, into the immense, unfolding sky. I am lifted, unhitched from the ground. The higher I float the more the pain falls away, carried off by the soft, tender wind. I hold out my hands and watch the clouds sift through my fingers. A white swan flies past, feathers dancing. The edge of its wing tickles my cheek. Goodbye Charlie. I would have stayed for you, but you didn't want me to stay. You wanted me to fly. I close my eyes and drift endless upwards, higher and higher.
    I become only a memory.
A single sliver of cloud, slicing the blue or a lonely bird floating without flapping. He will see me everywhere, dancing in the sky.
Here's the link to the piece by Anne Blackwood that inspired me: 

I'm not entirely sure what happened here. I tried to capture a feeling that was both pensive and wistful, but not sad. Let me know what you think.


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  • Emi

    I think it's pretty wistful. Lovely work! I love the mention of the swan; they are so beautiful!

    6 months ago
  • roo.writes

    This piece is so, so beautiful. I haven't read the original piece, but this made sense without it. It was pensive and wistful like you wanted! The line "I become only a memory" absolutely broke my heart. But I love this version of the afterlife you've created; not necessarily conforming to any one idea apart from the loss of pain and the idea of freedom. This is a very hopeful piece...you've done a great job!

    7 months ago
  • lochnessie

    i LOVE this
    and thank you <3

    7 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    *Whoops, I meant "her leaving him behind" XD

    7 months ago
  • Paisley Blue

    *gasp* this is SO GOOD wHAT!!!!!! i'm seriously amazed right now... WOW!!! <33333

    7 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Ooh, this is lovely!! I really like the way you zoomed into a few moments and added detail and emotion that were so wonderful to read. Charlie's character seems so selfless, and her leaving her behind feels painful yet exciting. Thanks so much for writing this!

    7 months ago