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Hi welcome to my profile fellow writer, I am a 15 year old with a flaming desire for storytelling.


November 16, 2020


My heart is your grand piano
Every key you touch
Tugs the strings inside my chest

Though you lament to me your inability
Your long, gentle yet forceful fingers 
Play my heart with your legato

Every note I hear in your melody
A flame ignites and burns from within
An excitement
even my middle pedal cannot mask

Whatever shall I do but admit that
My ears
my mind and
my body have been
Intoxicated by your piece?

These feelings are forbidden, I say
wishing for it to become but a lost piece 
in a sea of forgotten wonders

But I realize that
Every symphony, every solo, every waltz
is timeless

So I grasp onto the tenuto in my chest and think to myself
I will always be here to listen
to your performance,
Whether a challenging notation,
or an old rusty tune from muscle memory,
you will always be my
legato- play smoothly; connected
tenuto- stress & emphasize a particular note
middle pedal- on piano; can partially mute the sound; making it quieter
Liebestraum- "Love Dream", piece by piano composer Franz Liszt

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  • Canary818

    @Huba Huba ooh I love Debussy too! though Liszt is known for being, well, impossibly hard. I did learn an overly simplified Liebestraum though

    10 months ago
  • Huba Huba

    The first line is my favorite.
    I play the piano too, I'm assuming you do due to this poem. I haven't played any pieces by Franz Liszt before, but I might if you strongly recommend Love Dream!
    My favorite composer is Debussy, because I love how his pieces sound like they were improvised and how they seem to flow with emotion, and not seem to robotically follow along with a metronome.

    10 months ago
  • Starlitskies

    BEAUTIFUL! Simply beautiful! The metaphor of the grand piano is lovely and your use of musical terms is ingenious. :)

    11 months ago