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☆= a
I've noticed my friends mess☆ge bo☆rds ☆nd mine is l☆cking
-I did it ☆!
-I h☆ve two m☆in stories th☆t I'm working on c☆lled Minor Flaw and For the Love of-

For the Love of- (Part 4)

October 23, 2020


I Like Sitting-

I sit next to the new kid in my class. I used to sit by myself. 
I liked sitting by myself.
I think I liked being by myself sitting there.
My own bubble.
I’ve talked to him. He asked for a pen.
That was it.
I think

I miss my bubble.
It was biggish once.
I forgot to make this clear in the first For the Love Of- but the first line is the piece name.
I had to look up biggish.


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