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i wanted to say something beautiful, but I don't know your name

they're only made of moonlight

October 23, 2020

Eric's the kind of guy to burn birthday pancakes and make it up to you with a hundred "free-kisses" coupons.

Violet's the one friend who pulls an all-nighter for the chemistry test, then calls in sick and stays home.

Papa's the sort of man to show up early to recitals and fart sheepishly in the empty theater.

Mama's the only person who lets your wriggle into her bed on your periods, and laughs when you trip on air.

Mr. Owen's the kind of teacher to spend class telling you why he left his wife, then hands out chocoalate-chip-cookies before Christmas.


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  • Anlee

    i love how you added little quirks to each character! it makes them feel so real and relatable <33

    3 months ago
  • mirkat

    Just from reading one simple sentence about these people I feel like I know them. Great job, they feel very relatable, too. Keep writing! <3

    3 months ago