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The Plant Prince - 11

October 22, 2020


When he was notified of Lucia's disappearance, King Reginald made the long trip from Ledaria to Nedréa within only a few hours. When King Alejandro stood in front of the castle to greet him when he arrived, he was surprised when the latter made his presence known in only his nightshirt and slippers. He had not even had enough time to brush out his wavy dark locks. They stuck out at awkward angles about his head. 

"King Reginald, my fri-" Alejandro clapped a hand on the younger royal's shoulder, but it was furtively slapped away. The older king was grabbed by the collar of his cloak and brought down to face Reginald's furious gaze.
"Get your best soldiers, knights, scullery maids, even and don't let them rest until they've found my sister, safe and sound." He spat. 

"Please, Reginald, let us speak with the Knight Commander and view what his plans of action are. Then you may speak to me in a manner that is more kind." King Alejandro pulled the collar of his cloak of Reginald's tight grasp. Now that he had a better look at the latter, he saw that he could be no older than twenty. And in his eyes, he saw fear. 

"i will not do as such. Your utter impudence has caused for my sister to flee this kingdom!" He roared.
"I thought wrong of you and your wretched..wife!" His voice cracked, and down came the tears. King Alejandro stepped back, hands folded behind his back.
It was only a moment before his wife sidled up next to him, expression placid, but he could see the anger boiling beneath it. Before he could open his mouth to speak to her, she flicked her hand up into the air and snapped her fingers. From the shadows, guards crept up behind Reginald and struck. One clapped a chunky hand over his mouth, whilt another jabbed the business end of a spear gently against his chest. King Alejandro tried in vain to get them to release him, but only watched in terror as he was dragged to the dungeons below, kicking and screaming until he was blue-faced and limp.

"What a shame, dear Husband. It seems the guards have pledged their allegiance to someone other than yourself." Solea let out a throaty laugh and poked her husband in the chest. The King's mouth hung open, for he was unable to form a comphrensible sentence. The Queen only laughed yet again and stepped off to the side, watching in glee as her husband was seized the same way Reginald was. The King fought with every nerve in his body, though he was getting older, he was still quite fit. Ultimately, he failed, and wilted in the arms of his former men. As he was dragged away, Alejandro lifted his head.

"You..are...a..witch.." He croaked. 

"..Not a witch, my Love." Solea's form suddenly changed. Alejandro was not met with her delicately painted 
face, but rather the murky, wretched one of a wisp. Her nose was crooked and bent wayward so it looked like a hook. Her smile was ghastly, with pearly jagged teeth that sat awkwardly in greying gums. "You will be seeing your true wife very soon..in the dungeon. Or possibly Heaven. I cannot say for sure."

The wisp switched back to her host form within the blink of an eye and watched as the King faded into the shadows. When the task was complete, he called upon every knight that lived about the castle to search far and wide for the runaway prince and princess, and to bring them back for executing. They had shown no respect for the kingdom they had been so blessed to reside in and needed to pay for their wrongdoings.
Knowing no other directions, the throngs of iron-clad men scoured the heart of the Inner City for the whole of night, banging on doors and barging into wherever they could manage to get into. Doors were caved in and roofs set ablaze. 

It was a good thing Orion was a night owl. He immediately woke up the whole of the Inn and told them to flee. Ezra shot awake at just the right time, whilst Casper stumbled for the door like a dead man walking. Ezra snatched him up, threw him over his shoulder, and sprinted for the back door. Orion followed close after, and had Lucia in his arms. She dangled tiredly, her face a green-grey color from having sicked up her last meal. Maximus, the model steed he was, was waiting for them. He sat back on his hind legs and bent down so the group could mount him quicker. Ezra took hold of his reins, Casper sat behind the latter, burying his face into the fabric of his cloak as screams floated up from the streets. The inn owner and her daughter watched on in horror. The owner looked to the group with pure fury.

A pang set in Ezra's chest as Maximus started down the street at records speeds; each stride he took towards the city gates was fueled by pure fear. Once making it past the threshold, he was thrown into the throngs of bustling commoners, who wailed for lost homes, fortunes, family. He drowned it all out, the world passing him by until morning arose. 

He had only wanted freedom for his wife, his friend. But he had only made life more constricting for those around him. 

What had he done?


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