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Half of being a good writer is grammar, and the other half is a healthy mix of patience and insanity. Welcome to my collection of thoughts, the product of sitting in a cozy blanket typing while rain pours outside. Not really, but I wish it was.

Message to Readers

My first poem without rhyming, please critique!

Night Sight

April 28, 2015

PROMPT: Open Prompt


There are people who see blackness

They see darkness

They see nothing

There are people who are afraid

Simply of the unknown

Of the vastness

Of the night


There are people who see stars

They see light

They see something

There are people who indifferent

To the sky above

The world around them

The night's glow


Then there are few who look beyond

They see colors

They see hope

There are people who are in love

With all the galaxies

All the wonders

All the unknowns


And they are not afraid.


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