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I am so sorry that I have been inactive for so long
:( I have been so busy with school, life has been tough, and I've just had no creative drive at all. I am slowly getting it back, so I will hopefully be publishing more soon. Thanks for reading and have a great day!!

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Kingdom's Most Wanted: Chapter 1.5 | Rough Draft 1 | Review for Review

October 21, 2020


    As the servant steps aside, Darlene takes a few steps forward to the exact spot he was at and curtseys; She then gracefully descends the curved stairs to her right. She can feel all the eyes of the guests and hear their murmurs and whispers-- those of her own kingdom remarking at how much she has grown or how she looks so much like her mother and the servants nodding and being proud of seeing the girl they played a part in raising, the ambassadors of the other kingdoms studying her every move to see if she would be fit for one of their princes, the princes of the other kingdom's either wanting to claim her as their own or for a brother, the handful of kings and queens nodding at how elegant of a princess she is, the few other royal children she is friends with happy to see her again, and, finally, her father, the king, being pleased with having such a wonderful possess... daughter to show off to the world. 
        As she approaches the small raise that the thrones are set upon, she feels butterflies in her stomach. Her father has always had an eye for anything out of place, whether that is a loose strand of hair, a loose thread, and, the one that affects her the most, dirt. If he sees anything out of place, she would be punished by on a bath so hot that her skin would be blood red, she would not be allowed to eat for hours, sometimes days, have to polish all of her father's riches, or, worst of all, he would break his promise that he made to her mother: she would have a choice on who she marries. She knows better than to look him in the eye so she looks at the floor, but she can still feel his eyes studying her. When she gets to the step, she stops and curtseys to her father, nods his head, which means she has passed the test.
        She steps up and goes to her throne, which is to the left of her father; she looks at the empty seat to the right of him and the butterflies are immediately replaced by emptiness. Her mother, Queen Kathleen, passed of a serious illness four years ago. She was the only person that could talk sense into the king and keep him from being so selfish. When Darlene is in front of her seat, all the guests politely applaud six times and resume their chat. One thing that Darlene did not understand was the purpose for the thrones; she wasn't even allowed to sit, which is all she wanted to do. Luckily, she never has to stand for too long.
        "Your Majesty." A fairly tall boy with brown hair stepped forward and bowed. "If I have your permission, I would like to ask the princess to accompany me for a dance. With her permission as well, of course."
        Darlene tries to not look back but can't help herself and looks back. The king nods, and the boy asks Darlene if she would like to dance with him.
        "I will gladly accompany you, Prince Cornelius," she happily, and yet calmly, responds.      
This is still technically chapter one but I am publishing it separately until I get the final draft. Here's a link to the most recent draft of the first part:


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  • Book Kitten

    aaaaaaaaaaaa! This is AMAZING!! Please tell me when the next part comes!

    3 months ago