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The Floods

October 22, 2020


The floods came with no warning, and as we fled, I couldn't help but wonder: "Why me?"

I suppose humanity had it coming for a long time, but I was still bitter; why wouldn't I be? The arrogance and stupidity of people generations before me was the reason I no longer had a home. The old brick of my apartment building is probably crumbling underwater, completely submerged, along with everything else.

When we saw the water come, we ran for the hills, dragging wooden boats behind us- somehow my parents knew this was coming, sooner rather than later, and had boats ready. Not everyone was so lucky. We were on those rickety boats for days, trying to salvage something from the debris (and the bodies) floating in the water. Foreign humanitarian people came to our aid, and I was now sitting on a huge ship on it's way to somewhere that was not home, eating bland, dried food and mourning. 

They called it "global warming." I call it "preventable disaster." Apparently, all those years ago, our selfish,idiot ancestors knew this would happen, that the poorest countries would be ravaged by fires, famine, and floods first. They knew that if they just worked a bit harder, sacrificed some of their plastic, smog-filled convenience, these things wouldn't happen. Yet, they refused to see the signs, the warnings, and eventually the damage became too great to repair with recycling and hope. Now, we suffer, reaping the consequences for it.

I don't know how much longer we can hold on.Things are going from bad to worse. The water purifier broke two days ago. I see the thinness of everyone on the ship and how rations grow smaller by the day.

All I can do now is pray we survive.


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  • therisingwriter

    Wow... I like the phrase, "I call it preventable - global warming!"
    This is surely a great piece! Very brilliant!!

    3 months ago