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World Of The Future

October 21, 2020

PROMPT: People Power!

Why do you vote? Why did you want to grow up?
You were excited. I remember.
Your head was high, and your smile proud.

Your father shook his head, failing to understand why you were grinning like a maniac in reference to something as mundane as voting for goodness sake.

And I shook my head too, but smiling all the same.  

Rosa came over that day, staring at you with envy and admiration. 
"Seventeen!" she cried. "What an awful number! Why can't I grow up already?!"
And you imitated her complaints, sighing dramatically and pretend- fainting into her arms.

You couldn't hold the laughter back anymore after that. The both of you fell about giggling, until your faces went red and your sides would ache.

It was different at the voting center. You wanted me to stay in the car, and your father too. You wanted to, for the first time, be an adult. And yet in my eyes you were still my baby, as small and delicate as when you left the womb. 
But the world was calling you, and you gladly answered.

 But now, dear, I understand. Your thirst for voice is heard by me, as I see it mirrored in the youth of today. 

You were ahead of your times, my dear, and you still are.

Now that we are both old and grey, the novelty of voting has started to fade, and wrinkles have started to crease you face, yet no trace of age has yet stolen the glimmer from your eyes.

With your vote you serve your country, and you do so well. You have met many people who dread politics and voting, and others who are the opposite, and let it be the only thing in their life. You have not suffered either fate, and for that, (amongst many other things) my dear, I am proud.

You give your vote, not to a politician, but to the future. To your children, and your children's children, and so on. You give your vote to the nation, and to the world.
I respect that, my dear, and now I try to mimic you, the woman I once viewed as a baby.

Continue doing what you are doing, and give your vote to the world of the future.


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