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I want to continue this but need some thoughts :)

Isaac's Wish

October 21, 2020


Isaac wishes to disregard the laws of gravity it is his biggest, most greatest wish of all. He longs for the limitless boundaries of freedom. He dreams of the possibilities beyond the laws of gravity. For him, gravity is what he despises the most. He begs from the deepest depths of his soul to escape the restrictment that he currently has to abide by. It tortures him to unthinkable levels.

But for the time being, Isaac is stuck. He cannot escape what is already the unspoken reality. The confinement of his wheelchair, of which he struggles everyday to follow the rules. To make sure he doesn't over exert himself. He has to keep his hands on the cold metal rims, his legs match the weight of the heaviest weight in the gym, yet he cannot feel them at all. 

He closes his eyes, wishing he could be like the other kids. Wishing he could ignite his dreams and watch them in the fire, soaring up high. But for the time being, he can't do that for the confinement is much to strong.  


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1 Comment
  • Book Kitten

    :D This is so, so, so good!! Awesome job!
    "He longs for the limitless boundaries of freedom"
    The words you used are so good and the way you wrote it was perfect!

    3 months ago