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Diary of Gold Rush -10

April 26, 2015



Diary of Gold Rush - Katrin's secret friend

Friday April 20, 1849 

After the fight, we went to bed. No one said anything about the battle. At breakfast that next morning, Sophia, Olivia, Abigail and were talking about their mom. After breakfast, I went to my wagon to play with August. The triplets followed. I asked them if they wanted to play, and they said yes. They told me that they had their own dolls and they would go get them. When they were gone, I wondered about what Dad told me about this morning. He told me that we would get into way more battles with Indians. I’m glad no one got hurt. Just then, Abby, Sophia, and Olivia came in with the prettiest dolls I have ever seen!!! Their names were Avalon, Athena, and Camilla. They even had a spare doll for me! Actually, it wasn’t for me but they decided to give it to me. I named it Penelope. We then started playing with the dolls. After were done, I went outside to get some fresh air. Then I saw the Indian girl. She was coming towards me. I slowly walked toward her, being cautious not to scare her. We met in the tall green grass. I was thankful that Kadyn, and the triplets were doing something else right now. I watched the Indian girl closely. Then I chose a name for her: Ananya. I don’t know why I chose that name. It just came to mind! She pointed to my necklace and said something. It sounded like Sundara. I pointed to my necklace and said pretty. She repeated my words, and this time it sounded like purty. She pointed to a cactus and said, Kaiktasa. I said, cactus. We laughed. We did a few more plants and animals, and then I pointed to her and said her name. Ananya. She smiled. Then I heard my dad. He was calling for me. I drew a sun with my finger in the cool desert sand, and in my picture, The sun was almost up. Morning. I knew she couldn’t understand, but I said, Come here when the sun is like this. OK? She stared at me with her large brown eyes without blinking. I ran back to our wagon, hoping she understood what I said.


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