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I may post a lot. Just because I'm bored and writing is my life.
Why does putting me down make you feel better?
If you should ever ask how many times you've crossed my mind, I'd say once. Cause you came into my mind and never left

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Never let anyone take your passion away.
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take that you dancing by Jason derulo, Smaller Than This by Sara Kays, and Not Ready For Love by Kim Caputo are my current songs on repeat in the mental asylum also known as my brain......

Your eyes, are my stars. Your smile, my sun. Your love, my purpose.

Forever a hopeless romantic......

My feet are on the ground but my head is high in the clouds....

"Loving you is a crime of which I shall never repent." - Sor Juana

The seasons of love.

October 24, 2020


All the seasons remind me of us
For Winter, there's how the sun comes out and brightens the snow.
Like how you came into my life and brightened it unknowingly.
How some find it inconvenient but others see the beauty in it.
For Spring, there's the feeling of hope and new life.
Like how you brought a meaning to life for me.
How everything looks changed. Renewed. And beautiful.
For Summer, it's how the sunwarmed asphalt feels.
It's rough and warm, like your hand in mine
How even the storms are beautiful. Just like yours.
For autumn, there's how it's easy to see the beauty in everything
Like how you helped me see my own beauty.
How everything preparing for the future. Like we were.
But now, we're over. You left. We always said we'd get out.
But you got out without me. You've found your place.
With her by your side. But, I can think about you without feeling sad.
Instead, I feel glad. That i had you. That you changed me. And for the better.
So thank you. Thank you for helping me. Thank you, for leaving me.


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  • CAT with a SOWRD

    Re:Rev Rent musical most popular song is called the sessions of love

    7 months ago
  • Rachaelgrace

    This is so well written! Nice job! :)

    7 months ago
  • CAT with a SOWRD

    You ever seen the musical RENT

    7 months ago
  • anemoia (#words)

    Wow. the way you just... wow. you wove loss and hope and nostalgia and melancholy and peace and everything one might feel into this. and you did it all through the lens of the four seasons. there's so much going on here.

    7 months ago