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The Plant Prince - 9

October 21, 2020


As the group filtered into the Inner City, no one batted an eye at them. The drunks stumbled about, as always, and the high lords and dukes turned up their noses in disgust at the muddle puddles that littered the cobblestoned streets. It was..astounding to Ezra. Seldom had he ever taken the time to look at the people that his family governed. It was so refreshing to see them all..coexist, though not as smoothly as he would have hoped. Maximus snorted in the face of a child who had been trailing them for..well, the prince didn't know how long, but he offered the grubby, filthy-faced child a grin. He was quite small, quite pale, and had messy blonde hair that stuck out awkwardly from his head-strands poked out from all sides of his head, slicked up with what smelled like herb oils. It was odd smell; like a musty old barn that hadn't been cleaned out for a few years.  

"Hey, mister," He pointed a finger at Ezra's..head covering. "Why ya wearin' a bucket on yer head?"

Ezra felt his cheeks turn red. "I..was a knight, but I lost my helmet in a duel..against a dragon."

Orion rolled his eyes and facepalmed. It seemed that he had been listening in on Ezra's explanation and was not impressed.
The boy's pale blue eyes went wide. "Dragons..are real? My mommy always tol' me they were, but I never 'lieved her 'cause she," He closed his hand in a fist, stuck out his thumb and pinky, and held his thumb towards his lips. "Now she's gone with the angels, maybe."

"Oh," Orion said quietly. Ezra noticed that he had twisted about in his seat to get a look at the boy, and his face was twisted in anguish. What he said next surprised the prince.

"Are you hungry, boy?" The sorcerer seemed..to be worried about someone other than himself for once. The boy grinned a toothy grin and nodded. Orion twisted about to face Lucia. "Lucia, pause for a second - we have a new traveler accompanying us on our journey." 
Lucia let out a little groan. "My God, you two cannot seem to wrap your heads about being inconspicuous, can you?"

"That lady's mean," The boy said as Orion helped him onto Maximus's back, and he was comfortably sandwiched between the two young men. "My name's Casper. What's all of yer names?" Lucia groaned again, but for a different reason. She pulled on Maximus's reins and told him to yield. Carefully, she hopped off of him, stumbled into an alleyway and vomited. 

"That's vile!" Casper squeaked. He buried his face into Orion's cape. Orion sighed and facepalmed yet again. This was going to be a long trip, and to where? Well, they still didn't know. 


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  • anemoia by a thread

    awww casper. what a precious child. he's gonna do great things, i just know it.

    7 months ago