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song used:
"Soldier, Poet, King" - the Oh Hellos

The Plant Prince - 9 (prologue)

October 20, 2020


there will come a soldier
who carries a mighty 

The soldier covers her face. She is aware of her beauty, though simple at its core, is the source of envy for the highest of all. 

she will tear your city down,
oh lei
oh lie
oh lord 

there will come a poet whose
weapon is his words.

The poet has never had a home, and wanders with his Highnesses to find one. 

he will slay you
with his tongue
oh lei
oh lie
oh lord

there will come a ruler
whose brow is laid
in thorns

The ruler's brow is not laid in thorns, but rather rose buds. 

smeared in oil like david's boy

oh lei
oh lie
oh lord



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