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I write because words matter.
Welcome to my senior year.
Anything cow print>>>
xoxo- sk8ergirl4

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You don't know me and yet you do. Words are powerful to us. If they weren't would you be here? Despite the barriers which separate us on in the outside world, and despite the fact that we may not be able to speak the millions of words that fly through our heads when ignorance, kindness, beauty, or malice ensues, here we can connect and speak. Here I can say what I feel but can't say out loud, and I can say it beautifully and so can you. I can write of the seemingly ginormous drop I feel in my stomach when someone says "college", or of the lonely darkness which plagues me at 16, or of the calm I feel laying under the clouds.

A Means to an End

October 22, 2020

PROMPT: Why I Write

Why do I write?

I write to explain away the pain of everyday life. 
To make sense of a wicked world -- which I call home.
To pierce the mortal heart by peaking into the immortal soul. 
To teach of historical tragedies and just victories. 
To see the world for what it truly is, and to blow away the smoke and mirrors. 
To feel something when numbness lies at my doorstep banging to get it. 
To invoke emotion into the apathetic and give hope to the marginalized. 
To make sense of what my mumbling lips failed to say when tears streamed down my face. 
To clarify what art depicts with just a few strokes.
To laugh away the inexplicable horror of betrayal and the blindness of the powerful. 
To grow wings to fly me far away from this place. 
To create an impenetrable world where the beauty of words impacts every action and every decision: changing each life in an ostensibly minuscule way, but a way that in the end is far from miniscule. 
I write because it is the closest I'll ever get to a human-made magic.

Why do you write? 


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