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Diary of Gold Rush - 9

April 26, 2015



Diary of Gold Rush- Katrina's Battle


Saturday April 14, 1849

Today was the BEST day EVER!!! First I woke up and it was 6:00. Of course i’m NOT allowed to get up at that hour, so I had to contain my excitement until 6:55. Then I woke Kadyn and Dad up. And as I have mentioned before, I really didn’t think I got any presents. But I was WRONG!!! Dad got a present for me before we left for California. It was a little doll that had blonde hair just like me! So I named her Augustifina. August for short. Well her full name is Augustifia Janie Taylore. I named her August because August is my favorite month.


The best part of my birthday was this. When we got on the road, we saw another wagon. We eventually caught up and managed to talk to them. They had 3 girls that were TRIPLETS!!! Their names were- Abigail, Olivia and Sophia. They looked alike each other so much! Here’s a picture:


There was also a boy named Joshua. (Josh for short) And he was 10. After a while of chatting, Dad told me that they would be coming with us on the way to California! At first I was excited that they would be coming with us, but then Dad explained that they would only be coming with us on the trail with the Indians.


Sunday April 15, 1849


Today was the day of the fight. Early in the morning we heard 3 gunshots and we saw Indians running toward us with sticks and LOTS of army men that had bows and arrows. Dad quickly ushered me, Kadyn, Abigail, Olivia, Sophia and Josh inside of the triplets wagon, and got our guns, rifles, cannons and bows and arrows. Since Kadyn was 12 and Josh was 10 they got to fight with Dad. I actually think that I got a view of the Indian girl again. It was dark in the wagon. I played with Augustafina again. All I heard outside was yelling, gunshots, crying, thumps, or maybe that was the thump of my own heart! We got a conversation going in the wagon. Mostly about the battle. It was the first time they actually talked to me!!! I found out that they were 8. We talked a lot about  the battle outside. I would have described the whole battle but most unfortunately, at that time, I fell asleep.


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