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The Plant Prince - 8

October 20, 2020


"What is even the point of jousting?" Ezra said as he sat on the wide stone windowsill of Orion's chamber, one leg swinging freely over the edge. He looked down upon the royal gardens. The cold spell that had gone through was just ending, and the blossom were weighed down with melted snow. 

"People revel in seeing each other get hurt." Orion said petulantly as he stirred an elixir, peeking glances at his spellbook every so often. "It's just one of the barbaric practices of every kingdom far and wide."

"I didn't ask for you to go on a tangent, my friend." Ezra smirked. "But yes, I suppose people need something to brighten up their dull lives."

"Dull lives? I'm sure you're not thinking of your own when you say that." Orion gave his friend his full attention now. 

"Oh, but I do. Do you realize how..constricting it is to be a royal?" Ezra ran a hand through his curls and exhaled. Orion scoffed and twirled his wand about the air aimlessly. "I would say yes, but what do I know? I've just been confined to this chamber for most of my young life." 
Ezra looked around the chamber. It was..shabbier than even some of the scullery maids'. The only things that resided within it was a shabby cot with a thin blanket, the workbench that leaned to one side. Each colorful vial that rested upon it threatened to fall and break in only a single foul move. "Yes..I don't believe I've been here since your father died." Ezra murmured. "I will see what I can do to make this place more liveable."

Orion nodded, eyes widening. "You..are too kind, Ezra." His eyes shot down to the tips of his shoes. "..Much too kind." 

"Well, you are practically my brother. I'm..sorry that I..turned my back on you all those years ago." Ezra's face scrunched in distaste as he relived his past, supposedly. "..It was so very..wrong of me, now I realize.." 

"Ezra, please.." Orion set a hand on his friend's shoulder. "Let's not dwell on the past now." 

The door creaked open with a groaning squeak and in walked Lucia, still in her bedclothes. A smile was set so widely upon her lips that Ezra thought her face would split into two. "My love, what has happened that has got you in such a joyous mood?"

"I'm with child!" Lucia bounded over to her husband and flung her arms around him. Ezra let out a gasp and held her close. "Oh, my love." He kissed her atop her head and tried to stop the flow of tears from pouring down his cheeks. Like he said before, men don't cry..at least not in front of other men. 

"No!" Orion blurted suddenly. Immediately after saying it, he slapped a hand over his mouth. Ezra raised a brow at his friend, slowly let go of his wife and turned to face him. "..'No'? Whatever does that mean?"

"You can't tell the Queen. There..there is no telling what she will do." Orion's voice cracked as he removed his hand from his mouth. 

"Do you not think I know that?" Ezra said coldly. Lucia suddenly became pale. "..What are you two talking about?"
Orion and Ezra locked eyes for a moment before glancing at her. Orion seemed to turn a sickly shade of grey. 
Ezra squeezed Lucia's hands. "Forget the jousting match. We leave tonight. Orion," He turned to his friend. "You will join us as well."
Lucia opened her mouth to say something, but nothing came out. Orion doubled over and groaned. He pressed one hand to the nearest wall for support. "My liege, you have become bold in the passing years, but never like this." 

"There is no doubt in my mind that my mother had something to do with our first child's death. T-the thought has been brimming in the back of my mind for weeks." As Ezra continued on, Lucia grew paler and paler. Orion felt that he was going be sick. "We must leave now. Orion," He set a hand on his friend's shoulder. "I need you to work your magic, on all of us." 

Orion grabbed his wand from the workbench and nodded weakly. "I..I can change..your appearances, although if you don't want to..do something so drastic..I could make you..invisible-"

"No," Lucia spoke up, her voice shaking. "I-I have a plan that may..suit us all.." 

The last thing Ezra expected was to be led down to the stables, a bucketful of carrots in his arms. Orion and Lucia took charge, marching as quickly as they possible could down the damp, muddy pathway. Once arriving, Lucia unlocked the stable door, grabbed the bucket from him and started feeding the horses at rapid speed to keep them from neighing and whinnying too much. Orion unlocked Maximus's stable with ease, dove inside, and dragged Lucia's chest from the corner. He flipped open the top, pulled out a velvet cape and hastily threw it over his shoulders with a sort of dramatic flair Ezra had never seen from him. He reached in yet again and pulled out a white sunhat rimmed with a white veil. Lucia snatched it up and placed it on her head. She quickly mounted Maximus's bareback and motioned for the others to follow. Orion did as such, his cape limply fluttering about. 

Ezra..oh, Ezra, thinking of no better disguise, stuck the bucket upon his head. The metal handle was a chinstrap of sorts. The other two said nothing as he mounted Maximus, and they began on the trail into the Inner City looking less like two royals and a sorcerer, and more like a trio of runaway acts from a freak show.

But it was all for the best; their lives. 



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