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Letter 2: Lost Letters of Illea

October 19, 2020


Our darling Celeste,
    Because we were so unceremoniously thrown out of the palace, we didn’t get to say goodbye. There were so many things we wanted to say to you. You looked stunning, as usual, at every moment. You get it from me (your mother). Your father thinks it’s him, though. I can hardly argue with that.

    We always knew you were destined for fame and glory, and this is as good as it gets. Almost. You may not be the princess yet, but we know you will be. How could Prince Maxon not choose you? You’re everything that any man could dream of having as his own. We groomed you well. We only hope that you’ll obey your training.

    Honestly, we can’t see why he’s bothered to even keep the other girls around. Sure, the Three is polite, but she wouldn’t make half the wife and queen you would. The blonde—Natalia, or something—is so fragile, we doubt Prince Maxon could even touch her without shattering her. She should consider getting out more. It always did you a world of good.

    We assume that the Asian is still there due to political connections. Logical, we suppose, but she’s not much of a looker. Rather plain and less than average. Too timid and quiet.

    Thank goodness that girl was caned. Made it easy to whittle down his choices, didn’t it? We cannot believe that any girl would consort with another man and ruin her chances like that, but all the better for you. In fact, it’s really a blessing for you. We know you saw the polls, dear. She was ahead for some time, but her idiocy put a nice end to that. 

    We’re glad that Prince Maxon saw to it properly. The lower castes… well, you know how uncultured and foolish they can be. Punishment like caning is the only way to enforce the law. 

    As for that other… girl, if she can be called such… we cannot express our disgust enough. Ill-bred, dirty, common, impoverished, gold-digging, desperate trash. How did she even make it past the first day? How she even managed to board the plane without tripping and embarrassing herself is beyond us. It’s enough to make us seriously doubt Prince Maxon’s judgement, but men are easily swayed. After her unthinkable actions during the caning, we’re positive that the only way she’s still there is because she’s been sleeping with the prince. You know how fiery redheads can be. Aren’t you grateful that these girls are taking themselves out of the competition? Anyway, there’s no doubt that she’ll be gone by the time we’ve unpacked. (We forgot to mention. We’re writing this in our jet. Well, we’re dictating to the microphone.)

    Speaking of the Five, as we were being forced rudely out of the palace, a handsome young guard was waiting to help us with our bags. Or, we thought he was there to help. That Five’s parents were there, unfortunately, and the father had the audacity to tell us off! That’s the problem with the lower castes. Always speaking out of turn, thinking that their words are really worth something.

    Your father said something about not being able to believe that you had to associate with a Five. I, your mother, made a little remark about hoping that you hadn’t picked up any bad habits from the Five. Or the Fours, for that matter. You’re far too good for that trash.

    You should have seen the Fives’ faces when I said that. 

    You couldn’t see the daughter’s face, actually. She was crying into her mother’s skirt, the pathetic thing. Those people really need to get a grip. Don’t they know their place?
    Celeste, we urge you to keep at whatever you’re doing, but tenfold. It’s not enough. This competition needs to end. Do you understand?
    You will be the One. You will be Illea’s next queen. But you need to step it up.  You’ve been charming the opposite sex since you were twelve. Surely you can win a prince’s heart.
    We made you to be the best of the best. You owe your success to us. Without your parents, you’d be one of those repulsive Twos, crying herself to sleep because no one wants her face on a magazine. If you don’t live up to what we gave you… 
    You know what happens if you don’t.
    Well, it’s time to get some sleep. I (your mother) need my full eight hours to look as glamorous as I do. Next time we see you, we’re sure it will be your wedding. And it’s going to be the event of the century. 
    All our love,
Mother and Father
Here's letter 2 of my series: Lost Letters of Illea! This one is from Mr. and Mrs. Newsome to Celeste. My basis for their personalities is mostly taken from The Guard, one of the short stories from The Selection series, from Aspen's POV. Mrs. Newsome really did call the Singers "trash" to their face. But I wanted Celeste's parents to also appear controlling, as if they believed that she owed her fame to them. Even though they're horrible, I wanted them to also be horrible to their daughter, to provide more reasoning for her actions. 
Here's Letter 1! Enjoy, and remember: there is always hope. You are seen. You are heard. It's going to be okay. 


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  • Rose A(hiatus)

    Just got around to reading this! Amazingggggg. I agree though, It makes sense to make her parents awful people. It shows how Celeste has been influenced. Thankfully, Celeste didn't turn out to be super horrible in the end. Maybe they got a few things right.

    Re: I really appreciate that! I wish you the best of luck! In writing and in life. ALSooo, I'm really glad you like my poem thingy. I'm so bad at poetry, so it means a lot!

    6 months ago
  • Rohan’s Defender (Hiatus)

    Re: Aw, thank you so much! I’m so happy you liked it!! :)

    7 months ago
  • Writing4Life

    Re: Thank you! Lol, I'm actually on a coding website called Scratch, and someone on there had that on their profile, so I simply copy and pasted it :') If you want to use it, go ahead! (and don't bother to give credit, I didn't make it lop)

    7 months ago
  • Writing4Life

    Re: Ikr? It's the besssstttt! I'm not sure... Haha thanks! Yeeeah we can be the Tropies!

    7 months ago
  • queenie

    re: you're half right. the man is a member of Lucia's family, but Reginald's sorta in a dungeon right now XD.

    7 months ago
  • sci-Fi

    Re: Ya know, I've always wondered whether I should write fanfics. Like you said, not romancey stuff, and not huge series like some people do, just little oneshots that I come up with. And all canon ofc.
    I have read the Tower of Nero, actually I just got it on Saturday and didn't stop reading until I finished. Please vibe with me about it, since none of my friends have read it yet and I'm literally exploding with fangirl energy.
    If we're just talking about the Geeks, I think my dad is Apollo, but only because Artemis can't have kids. Really, I feel like she would be my mother. But I can relate to Apollo too, so why not. On another note, I'm actually descended from real Vikings, so I think I would probably be a Norse demigod. Then my parent would probably be Loki (as my mom, because we stan Alex Fierro in this household) or Freya.
    Selection- I mean, so many people have loved that series, but I just didn't feel it. I thought the initial plotline was great, but then it spiraled into a love triangle and a revolution and it didn't make sense (again, the irony that I'm commenting on THIS piece). I do agree with the fandom, however: Aspen and America had 0 chemistry, and she was way better with Max.
    Definitely gonna read ur fanfic! Haven't looked yet, but I'm guessing it's about that one sentence in ToN where Rick slyly mentions that Chiron knows Bast and Mithras???

    7 months ago
  • sci-Fi

    Re: WOW, ok, thank you SO much for the list. I read though it and I've already read/heard of a few, but I'll definitely check out the others.
    About Percabeth-- uhm, YES, best ship ever. I don't think dating Percy would intimidate me, because he's more laid back and funny rather than Jason, who's super uptight. And--ugh, ur gonna hate me for saying this-- I've read the Selection, and... eh. There are a lot of reasons really. (Kind of terrible that I'm commenting this on a Selection fanfic XD).

    7 months ago
  • queenie

    re: yeaaaah- it was a pretty quick chapter, but i promise the others will be a little more
    *coughs* m a g i c a l

    7 months ago
  • Stone of Jade

    re: that sounds so good! I'll definitely have to read that sometime. I have so many series I anna read but I don't have enough time >_< They are def going on the list tho! Thanks for telling me bout them

    7 months ago
  • mirkat

    I love this idea of letters... brilliant writing as always!
    Re: Yeah, I have heard of the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows! I love it! That's where I got most of those words. And from Instagram, which is sorta weird. XD ANyway... I love words that describe things you can't put your finger on. I think it started when I read Anne of Green Gables and watched the TV show adaptation (which is splendid, btw), because Anne is in love with words herself.

    7 months ago