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I'm not strange for wanting to experience life

The air we breathe is no air at all,
but the stolen souls slaughtered in a war we never fought.

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I love the world, peoples beliefs, intentions and the way they think...
Open to opinions on anything, if you want to talk about your views !!

A Shortened Beginning

October 19, 2020


My mind aches at the thought of being in this tiring class room, day after day. My dad pats me on the back and smiles at the principle. He thinks I'm awesome; a real try-hard. I don't open my mouth to tell him he's wrong. Instead I smile and wink at one of the pretty girls in the back. I flick my hair over my shoulder and ask my dad if he can go now. 
Heading out to the car my eyes search for Michael, only to remember he's not here. He's kilometers away.
My feet give out. I am pretty sure I hear my dad call my name as I fall towards road. I also think I saw an angel next to me. I see her eyes first. Like every love story, she grabs my arm to steady me, laughing at my embarrassment. 
"You good, princess?" Her hair is the color of blood, shining bright in the afternoon sun. I have to restart my heart. My breathing is slow and unsteady. Her eyes are the cutest color of blue I have seen since my mums. 
"Hi, my names Elizabeth, I will be showing you around today" 
My dad turns to me questioningly, 'are you okay with me going?'
I nod and turn to Elizabeth, sticking my hand out confidently,
"My names Emma."
Soooo the title is kind of misconceiving... but I like the base story... anyone got ideas for the next step :) xx


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