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"courage, dear heart"
-c.s. lewis

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b e a u t y & b e a s t

October 19, 2020


In this telltale 
I am the beast
And you are the milky pale
Slender and bright-eyed beauty

I held you captive in my words,
In my poems, and within my grasp
And you let me
You allowed me to call you mine
To immortalize you as my beloved
As my muse in my songs

For you, it did not matter if what I do
Is right or wrong
As long
As I protect you 
But do not overstep you
As long
As I love and accept you
For who you are

And you are beautiful
Not only
Soft-cheeked, pink-lipped,
And the most graceful,
Gentle, yet courageous, dame
I have ever met

You are also beautiful in mind
For instance, when you cry
When a character in a book dies
Or meets a happy ending;
As well as the way you
Smile in secrecy when you hear a funny story
But dare not laugh and make
The ones around you aware
That you have a curious and rare 
Type of humor that would only worsen the joke

But I could never be as sympathetic,
Nor social, nor poetic,
For I am brute to the ones I dislike
And would, in a blink, put on a spike
Anyone who troubles you
And if you were to turn your glance to another
In a blink also, I would rip him piece by piece

That is the tale I tell you,
of you as the Beauty
and I the Beast

This is Beauty and the Beast, but I will soon post a different version: one of the beauty in the Beast.


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  • mirkat

    Re: Thanks for your suggestion and kind comments on my poem! I always love hearing from people about what they think of my work. Also, welcome to WtW!!! Feel free to reach out with any questions (although I'm pretty new here, too). Keep writing and have a wonderful day! <3

    11 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Re: You're welcome! Yay I have a new buddy lol.

    11 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Woahhh this is incredible. You are astonishingly talented! I'm stunned by this perspective of the Beast.
    "You are also beautiful in mind
    For instance, when you cry
    When a character in a book dies
    Or meets a happy ending;"
    That is my favorite part and my favorite stanza.
    P. S. It's "For you, it DOES not matter if what I do"
    *awkward finger guns*
    P.P.S. Are you new here? Welcome! Feel free to hmu if you need any help starting out. A really helpful thing to know is that the only way to reply to people is to go and comment on one of their pieces, saying "Re:" and then whatever you want to say.

    11 months ago
  • (sk)eyesofocher

    this is beautifulllllll!

    11 months ago
  • birthdaycandles

    Loved this! Can’t wait to read the next one from the point of view of the beauty! Nice work! :)

    11 months ago