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Reflections (I know, it's a horrible title)

October 19, 2020



    “And you’re sure that you want it?” the real estate agent said. He was a strange-looking man. It was as if someone had taken a limp piece of macaroni and added hair to it. Then stuck in a suit and gave it glasses. I’m gonna call him Mr. Macaroni. Mother would be livid if she knew I thought these things. She says you shouldn’t judge someone. Honestly, her philosophy is probably more along the lines of don’t judge Christians. Everyone else is fine.“This property has been on the market 6 times. And... the past residents have said the house is haunted!”
My mother pats the man’s shoulder reassuringly. “Not to worry sir,” she says, voice as sweet as honey. “We hear that a lot, but nothing has happened to us yet and nothing will. You just need to have faith!” My father nods his agreement, while I pout. Mom notices this. “Delilah, you shouldn’t frown like that. Think about all that has been provided for you. And I wouldn’t want your face to wrinkle,”
Oh yes. Oh so much to be thankful for. Like my crazy parents who make me move all across the country so they can prove that monsters don’t exist and put it on television. So, like the good girl I am, I apologize for my wrongdoings. Once my parents are satisfied, they go back to talking to Mr. Macaroni about the house. From where I’m sitting at the kitchen table, I look around at my surroundings.
Nothing that I haven’t seen before. Cobweb there. Rat feces here. Mold stains everywhere. Interesting things nowhere. Maybe there will be some interesting stuff somewhere else. I tell Mother and Father that I’m using the bathroom. Not a complete lie, since I’m exploring in there too. As soon as the kitchen is out of sight, I let out a sigh of relief. Adults can be so stifling. 
As I keep walking down the hallway, I still don’t see anything. In one of the bedrooms, there were some baseball cards, but that was about it. On my left, I finally see the bathroom. The door is just barely cracked. I open it and feel for the light switch. I can’t find it, so I step into the bathroom completely. I feel something whack the top of my head. For a second, I freak out thinking it’s a bat when I realize that it’s a light bulb chain. I search for the chain and pull it. A dull light fills the room.
  For how old and gross the house is, the bathroom's nice. Almost in perfect condition, like it hasn’t been used since this house was built. It has light blue walls, a white porcelain toilet, sink and tub, a marble countertop, and… the mirror. There’s something about the mirror. The way it gleams…. so… shiny. I reach out to touch its smooth surface. Some force pushes me away.
Confused, I try to touch it again. This time it lets me. But then I feel something dripping down my face. I look at my reflection and immediately freak out. I’m bleeding, but there’s no wound anywhere! So, where did the blood come from? That’s when I feel more blood dripping down my face. I look up to the ceiling. And there, standing upside down is me, blood dripping down my skull. Next to me, painted in red blood, are 6 letters. E, M, L, L, I, K. I scream and run downstairs to my parents.
My mother looks startled when she sees me. “Delilah,” she says confused. “What’s wrong?” I cling to my father. The blood is leaving stains on his sweater.
“Th..there was…. I saw me and I was on the ceiling and.. Blood was dripping on to me...and go look!” Dad pried me off of him because I was hugging him to tight. “Oh… sorry, Dad, I got some of the blood on you… I’m sorry!” 
“Little Mayflower. There’s nothing on me.”
“What? But it’s right there!” I exclaim, pointing to his blood-soaked sweater. He pulls me in again.
“Sweetie, there’s no blood. Let’s go look at the bathroom. I assure you, there’s nothing there,” and so, my mom and dad follow me up the stairs and towards the bathroom.
My mom yanks the chain while Dad looks everywhere in the bathroom. Neither of them find anything. “You know,” my mom hisses to my dad. “This is probably because of all those horror movies you watch with her. Delilah, no more TV after 10 o’clock,”
“What?” I say enraged. “That’s not fair, there was stuff here! See, look in the mirror!”
They look in the mirror and claim to see nothing. Dad kisses my cheek, Mom pats my shoulder and they both leave me, myself, and our pile of blood alone. 
I sit there, telling myself I’m just hallucinating, willing myself to believe that. All while the other me keeps chanting in my ear: E M L L I K. I sob. “What do you want with me? What does EMLLIK mean?” I yell. She mimicks me but no sound comes out. “What are you, my reflection?” the girl nods, then points to the mirror. There’s no reflection of me because it’s out here.“What do you want?” I scream again. Then I see it. In the mirror are the letters backward. KILL ME.
Suddenly, something appears next to me. A knife. Not knowing how much more of this I can take, I grab the knife. Swiftly, the other me goes back into the mirror, and I see her with the knife as well. “Set me free!” we both mouth. We nod to each other, and together we plunge the knife in. 
It's HALLOWEEN!!! Here's a spooky story to get ready for the spooky season. This is a little story I made last year for a scary story assignment in my Creative Writing class. I haven't messed with it since, so it's a little sloppy. Anyways, enjoy! Tell me if you want another spooky story, because I have plenty. (Cue creepy laughter)


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  • Rose A(hiatus)

    Thanks, Busssy.Beee! I'm so happy you liked this. I'll make sure to check out your writing. Tell me if you want any peer reviews.

    7 months ago
  • Busssy.Beee

    Woah, this is so good. Please show another one because these are amazing!!!

    7 months ago