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Letter 2 is out now!

Letter 1: Lost Letters of Illea (inspired by Rohan's Defender and Ghoulgirl2020)

October 19, 2020


My dearest Maxon,
    Perhaps this is not something I should be saying—or writing, for that matter—but I've never been more proud of you than when you stood up to your father today. I thought I could not be more proud when you made the announcement to provide food for the lower castes, but today...
    I know Clarkson is hard on you. But I also know he wants what's best for you. He wants you to develop into an even greater king than himself. Yet I sense that sometimes, he pushes you further than you're ready to take. He does what he does because he loves you, Max, but you have so much of his fierce courage. You are both strong men in your own right, and those personalities are bound to clash. 
    I'm not saying that the kind of disrespect you displayed today should have been seen by the Elite or the producers. Nor am I saying that this sort of yelling should occur again. But as a former Four, I accept that change sometimes is loud and disruptive. You are every bit your father's equal. You have the same tenacity and drive, and for that, I am proud.
    I wanted you to know that. That I'm proud of you. I would say that even if you were one of many children. 
    Speaking of change being loud and disruptive... surely you didn't think I would miss a chance to mention a few of your Elite, did you? You know how Clarkson feels, and you probably know how the public feels. But I haven't told you how I feel. And I can only guess at how you feel.
    Natalie's presentation disappointed me greatly. Although she was not my favorite, your father had such high hopes that I had allowed myself to hope for greater things. She's a lovely girl, no doubt, but not a future queen by any stretch. Especially not in this tumultuous time.
    The model's idea was clever; it demonstrated that she is more than just a pretty face. I hate to speak ill of anyone, but I could see her manipulation long before today. I know you're strong-willed and authoritative when need be, but a lady's charms can be lethal. I hope you are cautious around her. 
    There is no doubt that she would be a fierce and formidable queen, but remember this: beauty is not everything. She might be stunning, but looks fade. And ferocity is not the most desirable trait for a modern queen.
    Elise is a lovely and disciplined lady. I would not be surprised if she possesses hidden depths. Her connections to New Asia will surely prove useful, as Clarkson believes, but her philanthropy project seemed... a little shallow, if I'm honest. A nice idea, but whether it will end a war... that remains to be seen. That being said, do not discount the quiet ones.
    The public adores Kriss, you know. But I warn you: this is a decision for you, Maxon. This is your partner for life, your lover, your confidante, your best friend, your queen. Do not allow their opinion to determine yours. 
    Kriss really is a darling, though. Sweet but firm, gentle but confident. You know how I loved her presentation. Even if she doesn't become the princess, I want to provide the funds to start her project. Education is where the youth of Illea begin. It's one of the most important aspects of our country's future. She's well spoken, if not a little nervous. 
    Lastly... that dear America. Fiery and bold.
    I see how you look at her. You stood up for her with more passion than I've ever seen you have. 
    Clarkson disapproves. I cannot say how I feel about her; I'm divided. I only know that you've spent more time with her than most of the Elite, and you cannot fake the kind of happiness that I see you possess after being around her.
    This I know: she would make an excellent queen if only her temper and outbursts were controlled better. She has a yearning for justice, Max. She's not afraid of anything—or, if she is, she conquers it because she wants to defend what is right. 
    She's dangerous, however. Clarkson will not make your decision easy. He envisions a glorious future for Illea. Your choice will determine whether your vision falls in line with his. I wouldn't be surprised if it does not.
    I love Clarkson. You father has given me everything I dreamed of and more.
    I love you, Maxon. And in the end, it is your choice. I admire all of the ladies you've kept and your reasoning.
    Know that I will support whatever you decide, and I will raise and care for that girl as my own daughter. 

All my love,

P.S. As a precaution, you may decide to burn this letter. Nothing in here is treasonous, but I sense your father would disapprove. Please understand the stresses that are upon him. He loves you through everything, and wants only what is best for you and Illea.
This is the first of the Lost Letters of Illea... stay tuned for more!
This is from The Selection series by Kiera Cass. 
I'll feature letters discovered from both Maxon's Selection and Eadlyn's Selection.
This was the first idea that came to mind. Amberly is one of my favorite characters in the first arc, and I hoped I captured her gentle, loving, yet firm and quietly confident personality.


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  • Stone of Jade

    oh wow this is beautiful! What are these letters based on?

    7 months ago