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One by one ~ part 8 (Read Footnotes)

October 20, 2020



Later that day, Ethan, the black suit man (who I had learned that his name was Mr. Davis) and I were all sitting in a huge conference room discussing war tactics. It was boring, I have to admit and I had been sitting in the same position for over 2 hours listening to Mr. Davis’s monotonous voice, droning on and on. After what seemed like forever, a loud robotic voice spoke and was heard echoing around the large room.
“Incoming, ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four…-”
Mr. Davis jumped out of his chair and yelled frantically to Ethan, “Hide her, quick, they’re coming, they can’t see her. We can’t let them. Quick! Hide her!” But it was too late, the robotic voice had stopped talking and there were heavy footsteps coming closer and closer outside of the conference room door and then they were flung open. A tall man walked in, he seemed human but his skin was so pale that it was almost white, his eyes were yellow and his hair almost silver. When he spoke his voice was low and gravelly, almost like a growl, “I know that you have gotten the warnings… We decided to be nice and warn you that we are coming but don’t always expect us to be sooo kind and- Oh. My. What do we have here, who is this…? His face turned upwards into a disturbing smile, he laughed quietly to himself as if he had just heard a funny joke and he walked smoothly over to where I stood. I stood stiffly, like a scared rabbit wanting to run but not being able to move. I was trapped and I didn’t know what to do. He inspected me and then laughed again, this time not humorously but cruelly. “Well, well, well, he used to be my good friend, I was so ashamed when he came here and threw his life away, such a shame when you think about it… Such a pitiful shame… And he had so much potential too… Look who it is, the daughter of such a pathetic traitor, I’m surprised you are here, I would have thought you would be hiding, just like him,” he paused and smiled again. I hated it when he smiled, it was as though he found everything in life funny, in some kind of disgusting and dark way. “Well, I am sure that he would be so happy to have you visit our home… If you don’t come you’ll regret it, be there before the night is gone…” He smiled cruelly and turned and walked quickly out of the room. 
I stood there for a moment, as though frozen by his words. I stared at the door, not thinking, not feeling until Ethan spoke which broke me out of my trance. “Mr. Davis, you can’t let her go, it’s such an evil place, it will be too much for her.” I felt a sliver of hope overwhelm me, was there a possibility that I wouldn’t have to visit the devil? Even without anyone clearly telling me, I knew that was where that man, that demon had just told me to visit. But my hopes were soon dashed to bits.
“No. I don’t think it’s a good idea either but she needs to know who she is and where she came from, after all, there will come a time where the darkness in her blood will try to overwhelm her, and she needs to know what and who she is facing. She will go tonight, they can’t hurt her, she is basically one of them…”
I felt a cold shiver run up my spine, I am basically one of them, I am basically one of those insanely creepy people, I am partly evil, I am… I couldn’t think about it anymore, in just a few short hours, my life had changed so drastically that I didn’t even know who I was anymore, and I didn’t know what to do. The room was deathly quiet, Ethan was standing across the room, face slightly pale, staring at the ground and slouched against a chair. Mr. Davis looked worried and was looking back and forth from me and Ethan, and I was just there, I was just numb, I couldn’t think or feel, I couldn’t love or hate, I was just there, all alone in the world.
I am changing one detail that I mentioned earlier in the story. Audrey's dad is not the child of a monarch in Hell, he is a demon and works for the devil. Then he turned good. I just wanted to clear that detail up.

Also, I am using some of Dante's views on Hell, that he expressed in his poem The Divine Comedy.

Any suggestions welcome, first draft


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