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"I know a place where the bruised and broken
Live like the kings and the queens of tragedy."

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hey! It's ya 'obbit, lin.
We're all mad here.
she/her....? (I'll get back to you on that.)
we stan succulents names Gerard Way here.
we stan a lot of things.
including you, dear reader.

Love you too

October 18, 2020

PROMPT: All Talk

What now, idiot? 
I just found this in the pond. 
What is it? 
Look at it! 
I'm blind, idiot. 
Oh. yeah. It's a letter. From that guy you talked to once. 
The editor? 
Yeah, the one who wanted to publish my novel?
The one I told to get his paws off those words? 
You said it a bit differently, but yes. That one. 
What does he want? 
​Well, if I can read it without ruining it, I think it says that you should be taken to an asylum. 
And it took you this long to figure this out? 
​I knew this when I met you. 
And I wasn't blind then. 
​He didn't know that. 
Yeah, well, he didn't deserve to be in possession of your voice. 
And you do
Wipe that smile off your face or I'll stab you. 
I love you too, darling. 
I know. That's why you took me on a date. That's why you married me. 
We make a good team, don't we? 
Hm. As your editor, you need to work on your grammar. 
​I thought you were blind. 
Love you too, darling.   


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