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"I know a place where the bruised and broken
Live like the kings and the queens of tragedy."

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Girl at the Coffee Shop

October 19, 2020

PROMPT: Heart Places

The small coffee shops, hidden gems among the big, commercial chain Starbucks 
A girl, young and smiling, walking in to sit down on the big leather chair
Her MacBook illuminating her features, the words refection off her round frame glasses 
The mug of tea, bitter and potent as she sips its peppermint sharpness 
A twinkle in her brown, molten gold eyes as she enters the universe she created herself 
Her lips twitching, she click-clacks the keys, oblivious to the commotion around her 
The smell of fresh ground columbian coffee beans, nostalgia shifting around 

That girl is me, the me that knows of mask-free days, when we can smell the familiar scent of a mug of tea, when we can greet our friends with a smile, one not hidden by a piece of material, when there is no more fear of an unknown foe, when we can breathe in our best friends shirt, and know that the world is our crystal ball and we are unstoppable. 

Title taken from my brother-in-law's song, Girl at the coffee shop (he's awesome, check out Boyan Tantchev on Apple Music and Spotify!) 
and I wish the world was still like this. I wish that we still felt invincible. 

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  • queenie

    the descriptive words are just

    hhhhhhhh yes

    7 months ago
  • anemoia (#words)

    I LOVE THE COFFEE SHOP AESTHETIC. this whole piece is lovely. i want to be there. badly.
    i actually wrote about a similar place in response to the same prompt.

    7 months ago