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SPOILER ALERT! If you have not read the Magnus Chase trilogy, the Kane Chronicles, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Heroes of Olympus, and Trials of Apollo, you may receive spoilers. You can still read and enjoy—just remember, I warned you. ALSO, it may not make a lot of sense if you don't have the context from MAGNUS CHASE. In fact, it won't make any sense.

Godly Severed Heads Floating in Kiddie Pools (A Joint Task Force Meeting, Part 1)

October 19, 2020


SPOILER ALERT! If you have not read the Magnus Chase trilogy, the Kane Chronicles, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Heroes of Olympus, and Trials of Apollo, you may receive spoilers. You can still read and enjoy—just remember, I warned you. ALSO, it may not make a lot of sense if you don't have the context from MAGNUS CHASE. In fact, it won't make any sense. 


    "I don't see why you need your kiddie pool in the middle of a Chick-Fil-A parking lot," grumbled Blitzen as he hauled a duck-printed blow-up pool past a dented pickup. Behind him, Hearthstone's nimble fingers moved rapidly. Mimir sighed. 
    "You promised not to ask questions, Blitzen," Mimir warned in a sing-song voice. Hearthstone looked ready to kick over Mimir's fishbowl, but he settled for a few hand gestures that weren't native to ASL.
    "It wasn't a question, it was a complaint." Blitzen began filling the kiddie pool with a hose from Chick-Fil-A's gardening system. 
    "No inquiries or attempts for information whatsoever. And you can tell your elf exactly where to shove his—hey!" A jet of water ricocheted off of Mimir's floating head.
    "That's what you get for insulting my elf!" snapped Blitzen as he turned back to the kiddie pool. "I could be outfitting Alex with a new blazer right now. Dusty rose and olive green just came in. Instead I get this." He blew out his cheeks in exasperation. "I don't even know why I agreed to help."
    I do not understand why either, signed Hearthstone. Odin released you from his service. You had no reason to help him.
    "Oh, yes, he did," Mimir said. He grinned. Through the fishbowl, his teeth stretched like the Cheshire Cat's. Fury lit Hearthstone's eyes.
    What did you threaten him with? he signed, his face stone-cold. Mimir laughed.
    "Wouldn't you like to know? Sadly, you both ought to get back to Blitzen's Best. Those waistcoats aren't going to waist for you!" Blitzen turned the hose on full blast and pointed it at Mimir's head. He sputtered indignantly.
    "That was for being rude to Hearth." Blitzen marched over to the fishbowl, picked it up, and dumped Mimir unceremoniously into the kiddie pool. 
    "That was for the horrible joke. No one makes fun of my waistcoats. Let's go," he said, nodding at Hearthstone. "And next time, ask another one of your poor lackeys." 
    You should not have asked in the first place. Hearthstone glared at Mimir's head, floating serenely among images of yellow ducks in various Hawaiian outfits. 
    "I do what I have to do," said Mimir. "Now, run along, you two. I'm attending the most important meeting since I sat in conference with the All-Father and his friend from Persia." Blitzen turned around.
    "What do you mean?" Hearthstone touched Blitzen's cobalt sleeve.
    He is baiting you, he signed. We have no business here.
    Blitzen stayed rooted to the asphalt, his gaze fixed on Mimir. 
    "What is this... meeting about?" He tested the words like they were as dangerous and repulsive as a McDonald's cheeseburger grilled in a varsity football team's sweat. Mimir raised his eyebrows.
    "Trust me, you don't want to know. Say hi to Magnus for me, will you?" Mimir closed his eyes. Hearth motioned for Blitzen to leave. Reluctantly, Blitzen followed. He tried not to glance over his shoulder at the severed head, striding to the Chick-Fil-A drive-thru. It was the most convenient way to access Valhalla in Albany. Then he and Hearth would be forced to endure the use of the Forever 21 entrance in order to return to his shop.
    "Oh, and Blitzen? You might want to replace those Oxfords," Mimir called. Chuckling to himself, he watched a dwarf stare at his ketchup and gum covered shoes in disbelief. Hearthstone shot him one more hand gesture, then stepped behind the drive-thru menu and disappeared, leaving Mimir's head alone in the back of the Chick-Fil-A parking lot.
Hello! So, I finished The Tower of Nero a few days ago (which arrived late... grrr). It was excellent, with twists and turns and tears and laughter. I know that Rick is now done with his mythology series for now, and he and his wife are working on new film and television adaptations of Percy Jackson and the Kane Chronicles. Because we cannot even discuss those "Peter Johnson" movies. Moving on before I rant.
Anyway. In The Tower of Nero, a reference was immediately spotted by the fandom:
Dionysus waved the question away. "Some... joint task force, he called it? The world often has more than one crisis happening at a time. Perhaps you've noticed. He said he had an emergency meeting with a cat and a severed head, whatever that means." (page 100) 
And when Chiron returned:
Chiron chuckled. "A severed head. And a cat. Two different... uh, people. Acquaintances of mine from other pantheons. We were discussing a mutual problem." (page 328)
This is me imagining this whole debacle.
Keep watch for Bast's POV next!


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  • sci-Fi

    Re: Yeah, I understand, and I've met a lot of people like you. I'm a bisexual atheist, so I've never experienced what u have, but thank you for explaining.
    As part of the community I've met a lot of people who are kind of in-betweens; they don't really have a problem with me, but don't understand or truly support me either. I know I won't be able to change people's minds, so I won't try to. And yes, I have seen the things you're talking about, where a writer just throws a diverse ship in there just to say that they're not homophobic. That's one of the reasons I love Rick's books so much, because his diverse ships truly belong there.
    I've grown up... near religion, but not engulfed in it. My close family (mom, dad, sister) are not religious at all, but my grandparents and aunts and uncles are. I'm also biracial, so i come from two different backgrounds and religions (Islam and Christianity). I've never felt the need to include religion in my life. Honestly... I kind of envy the people who do.
    If you're not comfortable adding more diverse ships in your books, you don't have to. Just remember that the LGBT "movement" as you call it isn't really a movement. We're just a group of people just like you who's looking for acceptance.
    Thanks again for explaining. And yes, agree to disagree. I mean, I've had people tell me that I'm going to burn in hellfire, so what you're saying is nothing.
    Ttyl, I hope :)

    7 months ago
  • sci-Fi

    Re: Yeah... before i read ToN the darkest thing he's written about was Percy choking Akhlys (i think that's how u spell it????) and that was just to show how powerful he could be, and prove that he doesn't want that much power. Even percabeth's tartarus adventure was just to prove how strong a couple they were. But Tower of Nero... dam (heh). That was just dark to be dark.
    Hey, if Albany works for u, go right ahead. I think it's a cool meeting place for the mentors of the pantheons cuz it's the capitol on NY, and NY is kinda a myth hotspot for every pantheon.
    Ya, I definitely think Nico'slooking for Bob. I mean, Apollo doesn't know who he is, so why would Nico mention the name? It's like Rick is trying to test his readers to see if theyre really paying attention.
    Hmm. I mean, I guess I understand what you're saying about Piper? Personally I love that he made Piper bi. Could totally see it coming and it makes sense why she would break up with Jason. How come you wouldn't put something like that in your own books? I definitely would. Not judging, I promise, just trying to understand.

    7 months ago
  • sci-Fi

    Re: Ok, that sentence for Bast: perfection.
    TBH, I dont rlly remember Kane Chronicals. I'm trying to reread but I have so much going on rn and I can't find the time (it's awful. I don't have time to READ.)
    The titan that Nico's contacting? Uhm... Bob? Maybe he'll get Bob and Damasen out of Tartarus and they'll all live happily ever after. Since Rick isn't writing any more books, imma just assume that's what happened.
    Ok but ToN... that book was heavy. When Lu got her hands cut off by an eight year old I actually gasped out loud. And the whole scene where Lester was falling into Tartarun and Chaos was suuuuper dark. It made me realize that if Rick wanted to, he could've totally made this a dark YA series. Wouldn't be as good tho, cuz I live for Persassy.
    What sucks is that Rick could have totally kept writing! Like, there was a whole new prophesy and everything. And to end the whole series without a single Solangelo kiss? Uhm, no.
    Albany NY, huh? Interesting destination. How come ur so inspired by that place? True, NYC is the hotspot, but I kinda loved how he spread the character out over time. Originally, NYC was Greek turf, Brooklyn was the magicians, Boston was the Norse dudes, and Oakland was Camp Jupiter. But now everyone is all over the place. So if u want to set it in Albany, go right ahead.
    One thing I really REALLY want to talk about, and then I'll shut up, I promise. Piper?? I mean... I kinda knew that she was bi but still... I'm so proud of her.
    Sorry for the long comment. Shutting up now.

    7 months ago
  • sci-Fi

    YES please continue this.
    Adding onto what isa said: If they...
    - don't mention blue food
    - don't make annabeth blond
    - make grover a total player again (he is loyal to JUNIPER)
    - don't hire 12 year old actors
    - give ANYONE the wrong eye color >:(
    Then we gonna have a problem, Disney.

    7 months ago
  • queenie

    re: ah-ha, yeah, i probably should put their ages somewhere within the next chapter.
    S A D I E
    Uncle Amos is a close second in my book, tho

    7 months ago
  • queenie

    If they don't mention blue food in the PJ movie, I'm suing. I still haven't forgiven the Peter Jackson movie for excluding that.

    7 months ago