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Daughter of the Ocean (literally) Part 8

October 17, 2020


    Morning came all too soon, and so did Rainforest. I woke up to find her stroking my face, her dark brown eyes watching me as if I were the most precious thing in the world.
    "Lia, sweetie, I know you have to go. I would love nothing more than to bury you in a hole and keep you to myself forever. And I'm sure your mother feels the same way."
    This, though it may seem unsettling to you, only made me love her more. "Auntie Rain-"
    "Dear," she interrupted. "If you find my daughter...please let her know that I love her. And that I'm sorry for not trying to find her sooner. Time blurs when you're eternal, and what must have seemed like forever to her isn't more than a blink of an eye for me. So...please tell her I'm sorry."
    "Of course, Auntie Rain."
    Rainforest stepped back. "Are you ready?"
    I nodded. " I get to say goodbye to my mother first?"
    "I'm...afraid not. Your mother is busy organizing for the war, so..."
    I swallowed down my tears, my fear at being all alone. I was going into a new world, one without Tsunami, without my mother, without anything familiar. "What will I be doing first?"
    "Leaf knows all that we know about each of the Children. I will tell you about the first of the Children, but for the rest, just ask him. And if you ever need me, use this to contact me." Rainforest handed me a pink flower. "Throw this into the water or bury it in the Earth. Either way, your mother or I will find you."
    I tucked the pink flower into the pocket of my pants. "Anything else?"
    "That's it, unless you want to request something. You know how to use your powers, Leaf will be with you, and...whether she knew or not, your mother has been training you for this all your life. All that battle training? Learning about humans and their disgusting ways? It has all prepared you and molded you into who you are today. I believe in you, Cordelia."
    I hugged Rainforest. "Thank you," I said, breathing in her woody scent.
    Rainforest patted me on the head before pulling away. "Leaf," she called.
    Immediately, Leaf materialized beside her. His black hair had been combed back neatly and his green eyes locked onto me. "Cordelia."
    I jumped. "He knows my name? I don't remember telling him."
    Rainforest shrugged. "I gave him as much information about you as I could. So he can know your habits and better protect you from harm."
    This was a little disturbing for me, but I stood up straighter. "My first target?"
    "This first one shouldn't be too hard. Forest's daughter is a few years younger than you-"
    "But I thought all the Children were born at the same time," I interrupted.
    "Some age quicker than the others. It all depends on the amount of life force they receive. For example, you receive just the right amount of life force from your mother, so you age at the proper time. Forest hasn't been doing so well because of those nasty humans, so he hasn't been able to spare her with much life force.
    "Anyway, we believe her name is Defne. She is twelve, three years younger than you. She lives in a place that the humans call Antalya, Turkey."
    I frowned. "How do you know all this stuff about the humans?"
    "We have our ways" was the cryptic answer. "Leaf will fill you in on more along the way." Rainforest gave me one last hug. "Good luck," she said, taking my hand. "I'll transport you there."
    And with that, Leaf and I began the search for our first target.
Sorry for taking so long on writing this! Hope you like it!


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