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Hey guys I'm simply a high school girl who likes to write! (basic yes I know)

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Hey lovely community this is my first ever speech I have written so if you see any rookie mistakes or grammar issues or a way I could make it flow better please let me know!! Kindly, Ella.

Can you see?

October 17, 2020

Has anyone here ever had a goal they wanted to accomplish? Did you want to finish a book or pick up your grades? Did you want to change something in your life: a relationship, a habit, an exercise schedule, a diet. In the end, did you meet your goal? Did you succeed? Or did you give up? Did you stop pushing yourself because it became too difficult and you just didn't have the willpower anymore. Did you lose your inspiration? 

Now before you quit, did you stop to think of the original reason for your goal? Did you imagine yourself at that moment you knew you had accomplished your goal saying to yourself "I made it!". Did you imagine that joy? That utter feeling of fulfillment that you got something you worked hard for. Did you imagine?

Looking back now can you see what could have happened?  

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm not proposing that you live your life regretting that moment you stopped fighting, but I am proposing that whenever you feel like giving up all you have worked for you imagine that moment when you make it and you fight for that feeling. That you learn from your previous unaccomplished goals. That's what I'm proposing. Learn from your mistakes. Keep going. Keep fighting through life. Keep making choices. Keep setting goals. Make every day you are given worth it. 

Can you see what could happen?

Has anyone here ever seen Hidden Figures? If you haven't that's okay. It's the story of three African American women: Katherine Johnson, Mary Jackson and Dorothy Vaughan, who worked at NASA during the Space Race. All three of these women worked as computers. That basically means their jobs were to do complex math all day. By hand. I don't know about you guys, but math is already frustrating and having to do it all by hand would be so much worse.

The Space Race occurred during the 1960's during John F. Kennedy's presidency. It was the literal race between countries to see who could get to space first. America and the Soviet Union were the two competitors. They knew whoever got there first was going to be calling the shots. Many Americans were worried about this because if the Soviet Union or the USSR got there first we were certain a nuclear bomb was going to follow. Hidden Figures takes us through the timeline of the first astronauts in space. The first man in space was Yuri Gagarin. As you can probably tell by the name he was not American. The Soviet Union beat us to space.
But we didn't stop. No, we had a vision. We were going to get our man up into space. John Glenn went next. He was the first American man to orbit the earth in space. He got that "I made it," moment. Every person who helped him at NASA shared in that victory. That goal was met. I can imagine there was cheering in rooms all across America as people realized they just made history.

Can you see what can happen?

There is one scene specifically in Hidden Figures where Katherine Johnson is talking to her boss Al Harrison. He is speaking to her alone in his office asking her about her goals working for him. He tells her that he doesn't need another "smart girl" with an adding machine; he needs someone who looks beyond the numbers to see what they are really trying to accomplish. Harrison looks at her and says "In my mind... I'm already there." He is already so devoted to this goal to make America get to space in his mind he is already there. He can see that moment in his head and that's what keeps him motivated. That is what continues to make him strive to achieve this goal, to achieve that excellence. 

Can you see what can happen?

American made it to space. Mankind touched the stars. And John Glenn is remembered as the first American astronaut in space. 

Ladies and gentlemen, can you see what can happen if you don't give up? If you fight for what you want. If you envision that moment you make it. Next time you feel like giving up or giving in before you accomplish your goal I want you to stand still, close your eyes and just dream of that moment. Dream of that moment when you can say "I made it. I made it!" Then open your eyes and keep going. Keep striving, keep pushing, keep working.

To conclude here's a quote from the Sarah J. Maas series "Throne of Glass". I urge everyone to listen to these last few words true words, "You could be great. You could rattle the stars. You could do anything if you only dared." Therefore ladies and gentlemen, keep on daring, keep on working, keep on persevering, for you could rattle the stars.


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  • ~wildflower~

    Sorry about the typos!

    4 days ago
  • ~wildflower~

    This is so good for your first every speech! Well done! I, too, love the hope in this piece, and the last line is wonderful! It’s great that you used rhetorical questions because they’re a fantastic way to engage your audience, but I think you might have over-used them a little at the start. Maybe you could just add a few normal sentences in between the questions to break it up a little so that it doesn’t become tiring or too repetitive. Although that’s just my personal opinion :) Anyway, good job overall!
    Also, I’ve read Throne of Glass and it’s really good!
    And one last thing: welcome to wtw! I’d love to read some more of your writing if you hang around after the competition. If you ever have any questions, feel free to ask me by commenting on one of my pieces.

    4 days ago
  • Emi

    I love the hope and inspiration in this piece! I have seen Hidden Figures—it's such a great movie! My one suggestion for this piece is to check comma use. Some places could have had commas.

    4 days ago