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The Academy of Minds Part 20

October 17, 2020


    The next day, Zain woke up. Light filtered in through his curtained windows. "Mom, Dad?" he asked blearily.
    There was a snort. "Sorry, but Mom and Dad are gone. It's your scary old uncle here."
    Somebody poked his face and Zain sat up so fast that he almost bumped heads with the amber-eyed boy leaning over him. "What are you doing?"
    The amber-eyed boy smirked. "Better question is what are you doing."
    Then, it all hit him. Lora had left the school. He didn't remember a thing about the classes he had took yesterday. But he did remember this boy...last night, he said his name was-
    Caiman shrugged. "Surprised you remember my name. What's your's?"
    "Well, Zain, if you don't start getting ready now, you're gonna be late. See, I'm a pretty good mother, too," he continued, smirking.
    "Oh, lay off him," a tall, thin boy with purple hair called from the other side of the room. He was splayed across his bed, his hands behind his head.
    Zain stared at him for a while before saying, "Uh, Vivianne?"
    Caiman snickered. "Vivianne. I still can't get over your name!"
    Vivianne flicked his hand in Caiman's direction and a book flew up and landed on his head.
    "Not guilty," Vivianne replied.
    Zain got off his bed, grabbed a white shirt and jeans, and walked over to the bathroom. He started brushing out his white hair. "Aren't we supposed to have a fourth roommate?" he asked.
    "Yeah, but he got up early and left," Vivianne explained.
    "What's his name again? I forgot."
    "Elfie or something like that."
    Zain came out of the bathroom and sighed. "I don't even know what my first class is."
    Vivianne pointed toward the left wall. "Schedule for each of us is on that wall."
    He headed for it and frowned. "I'm pretty sure these are different classes than I had yesterday."
    Caiman, who had been silent until then, snorted again. "They change every day, genius."
    Zain sighed and headed for the door. "Whatever. I've gotta go to my first class now."
    Vivianne sat up. "What is it?"
    "Um, History of Krail."
    "That's my class, too. I'll walk there with you."
    Vivianne got off the bed and walked over, his hands in his pockets. "Let's go. You gonna be OK by yourself, Caiman?"
    Caiman plopped onto Zain's bed. "Well, I'm skipping my first class, so I'll just hang out here by myself, I guess."
    Zain frowned. "What's your first class?"
    "History of Krail."
    Zain's eyes widened. "Then why don't you come with us? Won't you get in trouble for not going?"
    "Yeah, I'll get in trouble. If I'm lucky, maybe they'll kick me out of this stupid school," he muttered.
    Vivianne folded his arms. "OK, first, get up off Zain's bed. And second, you're coming with us to class. I'm not gonna let you stay here and riffle through our stuff."
    Vivianne glared at Caiman. "Would you like me to drop a book on your head again?"
    Caiman groaned. "Fine, I'm coming."
    He stood up and the three of them headed to their first class.
Sorry for the long hiatus, darlings! Hope you enjoyed! 


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    Finally, the part has come! And also, of course, you can notify me, that's not a problem :)

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    Woaahhhh. I like this change. But i dont remember all that happened so im gonna go read chapter 19 again.

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    I started reading Eight People to Go and it's great!. Update me when the new Luna series comes out!

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